Will Escape From Tarkov Come To PS4 And Xbox One



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Without a doubt, Escape From Tarkov is a unique game. Its idea of a Battle Royale is well delivered, its graphics are heavy but realistic, and its gameplay hard but satisfactory. The PC gamers are simply having a blast in it, running from raid to raid, gearing up and killing enemies.

Will Escape From Tarkov Come To PS4 And Xbox One

And while the fun is only limited to those PC players, the console users are asking if Escape From Tarkov will ever come on their PlayStation 4 or their Xbox One. Battlestate Games have decidedly answered “No” to any such question, destroying the speculations that any console version of the game is in progress behind the scenes. Let’s investigate why!

Why Escape From Tarkov Will Not Be On PS4 And Xbox One

Truthfully, there should be no wonder as to why the console gamers want to play Escape From Tarkov. The game is a slow, realistic and hardcore action that is really hard to come by in today’s fast-paced marketplace. And being an online multiplayer hit on Twitch, Youtube and the rest of the internet, has only heated up that desire of the PS4 and Xbox One players even more.

But, Battlestate Games has put a closed door to those desires, limiting their user base to PC only. As to why that is the case with Escape From Tarkov, we can, honestly, only speculate. There can be a number of reasons why a certain game has only come out on one platform, ranging from time, resources, development issues, staff change… So, it’s a complicated question for which only Battlestate Games knows the answer to.

Back in 2015, when the game was still in the making, there was a Q&A on which the developers stated that a console version of Escape From Tarkov was considered, but that it was still too early to tell anything for sure. Well, nothing has come out of that statement and people seriously doubt that it ever will.

Console escape from tarkov QA

Still, the title is praised heavily for its qualities and it’s still worth the try. It’s just a shame that you have to have a PC for that.

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