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Throughout the year, shooting stars appear in the world of Animal Crossing, and on some occasions, players get to witness meteor showers. When this happens, you can make wishes which will then grant you something good.

How to Wish on a Star in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Although shooting stars appear at random nights, you will know if a meteor shower happens because Isabelle will make the announcement when you start the game for that day. This phenomenon, of course, only happens at night and it is between 7 pm and 4 am.

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However, shooting stars may still randomly appear any night as long as there is a clear sky.

In order to be able to make a wish to a shooting star, you first have to get a clear view of the sky. You can up the highest part of your island or simply stand where nothing is hindering the view of the sky.

When a meteor falls, it will appear with a sparkle and twinkling sound and then in a certain direction. Look out for this sparkle and make sure the camera angle lets you see the sky. Press A as the meteor falls and your character will do a wishing or praying gesture indicating that a wish has been made.

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Meteor showers are far easier to notice due to the volume of shooting stars. On random nights, you will hear the twinkling sound of a shooting star. When this happens, quickly tilt the right joystick for you to get a view of the sky. Then press A to make a wish.

Please note that, for some reason, you cannot make a wish if you are sitting. The same goes when you are holding a tool.

cant wish sitting

The next day, check the shores and you will most likely find Star Fragments and constellation fragments. The latter will depend on what season you made a wish in. In this example, October 28 is part of the Scorpio season and so I got Scorpius Fragments.

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Make as many wish as you can that night for you to have a chance to get more Fragments the next day. Scan your island’s shores several times because more fragments will most likely appear again even after you have picked up some of them.

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