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Valorant has blown up worldwide as one of the best and biggest first-person shooter games since it was released. While it is barely half the age of games like CS: GO, its popularity has grown immensely. It might be due to the cute female agents, flashy agents’ fashion choices, or their unique abilities.

10 Tips for Beginners to VALORANT

It is so popular that if you are even acquainted with Riot, you know Valorant. Since you are reading this, the chances are that you have found this game enthralling and want to know how to be better at the game.

You might have already started but keep getting killed in the first 30 seconds of the game, or you have just been watching Youtube videos but want to know more before diving deep into the world of Valorant. As the adage goes, “Git gud.” If you want to know exactly how to git gud, read on. We have you covered.

Whether you have already dipped your toe into the cold and ruthless world of Valorant or are pondering whether or not you want to be part of this world, there is one goal, as with every other game.

“To be the very best that no one ever was” rings true for everyone and everything, not just Pokemon. So if you want to dominate the charts in Valorant or at least survive for the day, here are 10 tips for beginners to Valorant.

Tip #1: Communication is Key

As with relationships and life in general: Communication is Key. Talk with your teammates about tactics and strategies you want to employ before the match starts. This will make your movements less random and more organized.

Without pre-match comms and coordination, all you are will be a group of five mercenaries doing your own thing. Since Valorant uses agents with unique skills that often affect teammates, planning can only do you good.

Talk to each other while fighting for intel dissemination to increase your survivability and success rate. Talk after the match to discuss whether your approach before was effective, what did not work, and any intel that might help.

Sufficient communication comprises roughly half of what you need to win in games like this. So make sure to maximize that fifty percent to your advantage. This goes the same with mid-match and post-match comms.


Tip #2: Equipping a Knife Will Make You Run Faster

If you have played other FPS games before, you are well aware of this concept. This is the game’s attempt to make the game physics more realistic by enabling faster movement when your heavy guns are stowed away. Putting aside that the gun weight is still with you, you can run considerably faster with a knife. This allows you to cross the map from A to B in less time for backup or rotation.

Remember not to run with a knife equipped when you doubt the map. A few seconds exist between changing from a knife to your primary or secondary weapon. These precious few seconds can mean life or death to an unsuspecting runner. Enemies could lurk behind corridors and covers, waiting for you to run by them and shoot you down.


Tip #3: Weapons Have Different Recoils

Each weapon has different recoils when you keep firing. From pistols to machine guns, the recoil spread of the bullets varies dramatically. So before trying your luck in competitive matches, practice each weapon (or the ones you prefer) until you master them. Some weapons turn to the right, then up, and some go up, then right. You must spend time in the field or the practice range to efficiently use these weapons.

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The two things you need to remember regarding weapon tendencies would be their recoil and fire rate. These two go together, and when mastered, you can efficiently keep those headshots rolling regardless of your weapon. Remember that even pros spend countless hours practicing their aim and reflexes.

Tip #4: Stand Still While Shooting

This is great advice for beginners from FPS games tailored to kids with no aim penalty. Realistic FPS games like CS: GO, Call of Duty, and Valorant has to aim penalties when shooting while moving. So it is best to start practicing by shooting while standing still. This gives you each weapon’s pure, unadulterated bullet motion in your arsenal.

This advice may be disregarded by players experienced with other FPS games to a certain level. But mastering the core shooting mechanics while staying put will establish the basics of playing Valorant. Mixing in run-and-gun techniques is best reserved when you have logged enough hours to know exactly how your weapons will respond to fast-moving targets. Knowing that many pros stand still before pulling the trigger will give you peace of mind.


Tip #5: Practice Shooting as Much as You Can

The core mechanic of any FPS game has good aim. Aiming is initially a visual reflex in response to some aspects of the screen. But as you practice and spend hours in the game, aiming becomes part of your muscle memory. We can then improve muscle memory by practicing and practicing, like any other sport.

Many pro-FPS gamers spend time in the range or practice in Aimlab before a match. Before you hop into a Competitive match, spend at least 10 to 15 minutes in the range to get your pulse and reflexes right and warmed up. Afterward, you see these pros poppin’ headshots one after another like it was meant to be.


Tip #6: Personalize Your Crosshairs

There is no absolute when it comes to Crosshair type. Some players prefer dark-colored and large crosshairs, while some want them less opaque and a dot small. This is all very personal, so games like Valorant that allow you to customize your crosshairs fully are nothing short of amazing.

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It is not a magic cure for 100 percent accuracy, but it will help you get more comfortable with your aim and easily see where you are pointed. Personalize it as much as you want, as it will be your best friend throughout your FPS life in Valorant.


Tip #7: Mouse Sensitivity is a Game-Changer

If you are new to the gaming world, you might have noticed a lot of gaming mice designed with DPI buttons. Mouse sensitivity is critical in all FPS games. Each person will need varying mouse sensitivity depending on what they are doing.

But in FPS games, you will need a level of sensitivity that can make you turn 180 degrees in one mouse swipe across the mouse pad. This is ideal, but some players may need to lower this when sniping off enemies for a more accurate kill.

Players who constantly change weapons need to use a mouse with DPI adjustment to change the sensitivity on the fly. But for most players, one level of sensitivity will suffice. If you have a mouse that lets you do this, go to your mouse settings and tweak away.

Go to the range to see if you are comfortable with your chosen sensitivity and change if necessary. It might take a few tries and adjustments to get that perfect sensitivity. But with this setup, you are guaranteed to perform and aim better in your next matchup.


Tip #8: Utilize the Time in Between Rounds

If you have won the round, do not just walk around spraying or trolling spectators. This has been a common habit of players where they just run around. If you and your team are a little behind in credits, use the rounds you win to look for better weapons from fallen agents.

As a rule, get the most expensive gun lying around. If you know, certain fallen agents were using an Odin or an Operator, sprint to them and get the weapon.

You might not use these weapons for the next round, but one of your teammates definitely will. They would be more than happy to buy you your Bulldog or Vandal on the next round. After all, you just gave them the best weapons in the game.

Tip #9: Choose Your Favorite Weapon

As we have discussed, your aim is dictated by your muscle memory. This means your aim may lean more towards a certain weapon than others. While all weapons have perks and use, having a go-to weapon is always a good mindset.

If you are done with eco rounds and willing to go big, acquiring your weapon will increase your chances of success and survivability, even just a little bit. Some players may prefer Spectre over Ares, while others prefer Vandal over Phantom.

If you are well adjusted to a certain weapon’s recoil and behavior, then given a choice, stick to that weapon rather than trying on a stronger weapon you can not control even if your life depends on it.

A running comparison divides Valorant players between Phantom (M4A1) and Vandal (AK47). Aside from these two, the rest of the guns are fairly different. The most expensive weapon in the game is the Operator (AWP), which can one-hit most enemies.

In contrast to this is the Marshal (LAR-1887), the cheaper alternative to the Operator. It also is one of the cheapest primary weapons in the game, with the ability to kill enemies with two shots in the body or one bullet to the head.

It scopes faster than the Operator with great no-scope accuracy. All these weapons have their pros and cons. So study these by trial and error until you find the most compatible one.


Tip #10: Play According to Your Agent’s Skillset

What makes Valorant stand out from other FPS games is how diverse and dynamic the gameplay is, primarily due to the Agents in the game. Agents in Valorant are divided into four classes: Controllers, Sentinels, Duelists, and Initiators.

Each Agent in their class also varies greatly from the others. What will ultimately dictate your gameplay and playstyle in Valorant is how much you understand and become creative with each Agent’s abilities and strengths. Spend time practicing and unlocking these agents as you would your weapons.

All agents move at the same speed, are built roughly the same way, and have the same amount of hitpoints. So it would be best not to base your decisions on which Agent to use depending on how they look or how “big” they appear.

They all have the same hitbox size, so focus on their abilities in choosing who you will be playing. It is good to have a favorite but remember that a team will need different classes, and your Agent may already be taken. So it is a disservice to yourself to stick to only one Agent for your life in Valorant.

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Valorant gives you one of the best FPS mechanics and concepts in today’s gaming world. Like any other pursuit, spend time practicing and experimenting with the game. Try different weapons, agents, tactics, strategies, and approaches until you find your true self in the game. Lastly, enjoy the game. Have fun winning; accept losing. Slowly but surely, you will go from beginner to someone who has gotten gud.

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