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There are a couple of bizarre items in Adopt Me. Over the years, the developers have implemented many new things into the game, some of which has stayed in the game forever, and others which didn’t quite catch on. One such example of the latter is the Teleportation Potion. This unusual item was added a couple of years ago, and since then, it is unavailable.

Adopt Me: How Much is Teleportation Potion Worth

But how did the item’s value fared? Well, the value for this item has since risen. There isn’t much information to be found on this item, but we gave it our best shot to determine its value.

Teleportation Potion’s Worth – Adopt Me

The item was used to teleport either to your house or the nursery. Its usage was limited to five times. Its value, now depends on how many uses there are left on the item.

For a Teleportation Potion that has five uses, you can easily get a low-tier legendary to mid-tier, depending on how much the player is determined to get it.

As the uses go lower and lower, so does the value. When it is at four, it loses on value drastically, because collectors are on the look for one that has a clean title, or in other words, hasn’t been used at all.

Those ones are pretty rare to come by, but the value is pretty high for that. For a one with four or less usages left, you can get an ultra-rare or rare pet, depending on how many times it has been used.

Even though this item is pretty much useless these days, there are many collectors that want to get it.

Obtaining it normally is impossible, since it was available only during the 2018 Christmas Event. Since then, the only way that you can get it is by trading with other players who have it.

To say that there are almost none left in players’ inventories over the world is an understatement. Plus, finding out which has all five uses left is next to impossible.

It has an interesting appearance, and it looks like a rocket. You cannot miss it, because of its unique design.

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