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There is a lot of vagueness when it comes to certain pets’ values in Adopt Me. This is to be expected, since there is an abundance of pets in the game, and many more that are being added regularly. Since determining the value for a pet is very challenging in Adopt Me, there is not much information to go about when trading. Particularly, pets like the Golden Rat.

Adopt Me: How Much is a Golden Rat Worth

The Golden Rat is a legendary pet in Adopt Me, and it was implemented in 2020 during the Lunar New Year Event. At the moment, not many know of its value.

What is Golden Rat’s Value – Adopt Me

After the 2020 Lunar New Year, the Golden Rat became unavailable for the players in Adopt Me. These days, this pet can be acquired only through trading with other players of the game.

A Golden Rat FNR has a much higher value.

One could acquire the Golden Rat from Rat Boxes, which cost 345 bucks. Players had a 1 in 15 chance to get the Golden Rat, or a 6.66% chance. So, it is safe to say that there aren’t so many Golden Rats out there.

But how much is this pet worth, should you get it, sell it or avoid it? Well, the Golden Rat isn’t worth much, it is only worth a low-tier legendary like the Robo Dog, Kitsune, King Bee, or the Ninja Monkey.

The Golden Rat isn’t worth nowhere near as much as a Golden Unicorn or a Monkey King. Since this pet was available in an event that was hosted last year, it didn’t have much time to grow in value.

Even though many think that the Golden Rat is worth as much as a Monkey King, that is not true.

However, with the ones that do accumulate a lot of growth in value, you usually see a very high interest rate since the day of their release. To no surprise, that wasn’t the case for the Golden Rat.

The future’s looking grim for this pet, and if there are any incremental changes in value, we suspect not-so-appealing changes. It might fluctuate only a bit, and we even suspect a lower value.

Still, it is still a legendary pet. If you get a good trade, i.e. compile other less rare pets for it, then you should consider it. But expect it not to grow in value in the future.

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