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Back in the day, Adopt Me wasn’t anything too complex. But as the game gained more and more popularity, there were also more and more pets, toys, and items being added. Today, Adopt Me has an impressive arsenal of pets and toys. While it is very hard to know how much a pet is worth in this game, it is even harder to determine the worth of some toys.

Adopt Me: How Much is Chinese Lantern Worth

For example, the Chinese Lantern. A legendary toy, but not many are aware of its value. Toys get traded far less than pets, hence why it is so hard to pinpoint the exact value.

Chinese Lantern’s Worth – Adopt Me

This Lantern is an uncommon toy. After it became unavailable, it sky-rocketed in value. It was the highest valued item during the Chinese New Year Event, which was back in 2018. It was priced 195 bucks.

When it is used, the Chinese Lantern emits red smoke, before slowly disappearing in the air. It is a pretty nifty item to have in your home/house.

Its demand is pretty high, and also its value too. The Chinese Lantern is worth somewhere in the neighbourhood of one Albino Monkey, or either a Frost Fury or an Artic Reindeer.

You can also get a low to mid-tier Neon legendary for it easily. It is strange how much demand there is for this item. Still, it is a special item which did cost a lot of bucks back in the day.

Now, in Adopt Me’s fashion, since the event is over, this toy cannot be obtained normally anymore.

The only way to get is by trading with other players. It is the fourth most valued toy in the game, and it is pretty easy to see why.

The Rainbow Rattle cannot be beaten in value though, as it is one of the most valued items in the game, if not the most.

If you’re looking for worth for the Chinese Lantern in terms of other toys from the game, then you can expect one Phoenix Plush plus some other rare or low-tier ultra-rare toys.

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