Adopt Me: How Much Is Mythic Egg Worth


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Adopt Me, with its player base amounting to more than 500,000 players is getting regular updates, with new content getting released every couple of months. At the moment, the Ocean Egg is available in the game, but there’s a new egg that will be releasing very soon. It is called the Mythic Egg, and many are wondering how much it is worth. Let’s talk a bit about it.

Adopt Me: How Much Is Mythic Egg Worth

How Much Is Mythic Egg Worth – Adopt Me

The Mythic Egg, since it will most likely be a legendary egg, it does have a unique appearance. It has a blend of light green and blue colors, and it has a shell with diamond shape pointy things coming out from it.

how much is a mythic egg worth adopt me

Its release date as of this moment is still unknown, but there are many players that are speculating that the Mythic Egg will be coming to the game very soon.

The Mythic Egg will be worth around 750 bucks (most likely), since most of the other legendary eggs were priced around the 700 bucks price range in the past. There is no reason to indicate that this time it will be any different.

A huge topic of conversation this past week was also the pets that will be releasing along with the Mythic Egg, but to be frank, most of the conversations were pure speculation.

At the moment, we do know that a Phoenix might be releasing and will be obtainable through the egg, although, its rarity isn’t yet known, nor the hatching rates.

As the name suggests- ‘Mythic’, the Phoenix seems like a pet that will most definitely be coming to the game in the upcoming months. As for other pets, we suspect that they will be some sort of Mythic creatures, following the whole theme of the update.

Of course, players will be able to obtain the Mythic Egg through ordinary means of obtaining, much like other eggs in the game, through the Gumball Machine that is located in the Nursery.

Other than that, there is not much other evidence to suggest any other major content implementations in the game itself.

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