How To Beat Laxasia in Lies of P


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Learn how to beat Laxasia in Lies of P!

How To Beat Laxasia in Lies of P

The soulslike game from Neowiz Games and Round 8 Studio, Lies of P, depicts a dark and rough rendition of the classic Pinocchio story. The game takes place in a dark Belle Époque setting, and the player assumes the identity of a mechanoid puppet named Pinocchio, or just P, in the city of Krat.

As P, the player will slice and slash his way to Gepetto and turn into a human. In the game, being a soulslike, P will encounter a lot of different challenging adversaries. One of the fearsome enemies that the player will face is Laxasia, The Complete.

In this guide, we will walk you through how to beat Laxasia in Lies of P.  We will discuss the basic information about Laxasia, The Complete, the strategies the player can employ, and her moves and behavior. So, ready up as we go and defeat Laxasia, The Complete!

How To Beat Laxasia, The Complete in Lies of P

Laxasia, The Complete, is a massive and strong boss, and the battle against her will last two phases. This boss’ weapon has the power to deliver Electric Shock. Because of that, Laxasia, The Complete can perform an array of special electric strikes with varying sequences.

Several of Laxasia’s regular melee attacks will be infused with electricity or emit and deal with electricity after the attack. This boss can also create an Electric Shock line trap that will have an effect if the player touches it.

Laxasia, The Complete also uses a charged strike that starts as an ordinary melee strike before powering up with one huge final slice on the electrified ground. Some of this boss’s larger blows may generate electricity in a line that will diffuse when it touches the floor.

Along with her normal melee attacks, Laxasia, The Complete, has a huge Great Sword Swing that slices downwards and will be followed with an Electric shock. This boss can perform normal melee sword combos, such as swinging, sweeping, posting, slashing, and cutting combinations with an extended reach due to her weapon’s height. Laxasia, The Complete’s attacks are typically extensive combos delivered in succession.

Because she holds such a massive and hefty weapon, many of Laxasia, The Complete’s fundamental moves are slow. This allows the player to evade as this boss lifts her sword, readies up, or pulls away as her attack movement starts.

She will occasionally deal a devastating charged assault, followed by a chance to counter with a Fatal Attack. An indicator indicates where the player needs to be to inflict an effective assault. Use this attack to your advantage by reading Laxasia.

The Complete’s attack swings each time she raises her weapon and then blocks or evades the strikes. The player must watch for these assaults and opportunities for her attacks until her HP is depleted. After that, the second phase of the battle against Laxasia, The Complete, will begin.

In the second phase, Laxasia, The Complete, will remove her bulky armor and move throughout the room more quickly and easily. This boss will then execute rapid melee attacks with her weapon and a few more electric strikes.

Throughout this phase, some of this boss’ more powerful electric assaults will give the player a chance to perform a Fatal Attack. This will exhaust Laxasia, The Complete, and become targeted for a critical hit. Because of that, it is important to make the most of these opportunities.

Also, in this phase, the boss can now jump in the room and land an immense assault. Then, Laxasia, The Complete, can now perform aerial electric strikes from a distance. The player can redirect these attacks back at Laxasia, The Complete, to inflict massive damage.

Throughout this phase, responding quickly and modifying your angles to adapt to her improved speed is important. Using the player’s ability to move and deliver a charged strike is important whenever possible

Because the electricity released may be unpredictable, the player must adapt to this boss’ behavior. To prevent from being affected by the electricity, ensure that the player knows when each strike ends before advancing with strikes. It is recommended to execute a fully charged strike whenever you can to stagger Laxasia, The Complete, between these attacks while they aren’t producing energy

When blocking Laxasia, The Complete’s attacks, try to Perfect Block as much as possible. Doing so can also stun and stagger Laxasia. After that, the player can then inflict massive amounts of damage.

It is also important to note that Laxasia, The Complete, is weak against Acid. The player can equip acid weapons and/or grinder with that in mind.

Item Recommendations

It is recommended that the player equip the following items:


Against Laxasia, The Complete, using the Bone-Cutting Saw as P’s weapon, is recommended. To craft this weapon, the player can use the Bone-Cutting Sawblade for the Blade Part and the Bone-Cutting Handle for the Handle Part.

The Bone-Cutting Saw has two Fable Arts: Link Chop and Endure. The Link Chop Fable Art is a powerful strike downwards. This Fable Art utilizes an additional Fable Slot for another downward attack. The Endure Fable Art lets the player briefly withstand the enemy’s attack.

This weapon has a Motivity rating of B and a Technique rating of D.


The following are the recommended Amulets that the player equips in the battle against Laxasia, The Complete:

1. Blue Guardianship Amulet

This Amulet boosts the maximum amount of HP, Stamina, and Legion. The boost given depends on the player’s playthrough. On the first playthrough, the player’s maximum HP is increased by 5%, maximum Stamina by 7%, and maximum Legion by 7%.

In the New Game +, this Amulet will boost the player’s maximum HP by 6%, maximum Stamina by 8%, and maximum Legion by 8%. In the New Game ++, the Amulet will boost the player’s maximum HP by 7%, maximum Stamina by 10%, and maximum Legion by 10%.

The weight of the Blue Guardianship Amulet also depends on the player’s playthrough. For the first playthrough, the Amulet’s weight is 1.7. In the New Game +, the Amulet’s weight is 2.4. In the New Game ++, the Amulet’s weight is 3.4.

These stat boosts can greatly help the player in the battle against Laxasia, The Complete.

2. Dancing One’s Amulet

This Amulet allows the player to dodge even with low stamina. The player can keep dodge rolling with the Dancing One’s Amulet. The player can trade one Parade Leader’s Ergo to Alidoro for the Dancing One’s Amulet. The weight of this Amulet is 13.6.

With this Amulet, the player would not have to worry about Stamina to dodge Laxasia, The Complete’s attacks effectively.


The player can equip the Perfection Grindstone against Laxasia, The Complete. This Grindstone briefly activates Perfect Guard when the player is simply guarding. The player must first give Pulcinella three Venigni Collection boxes to get the Perfection Grindstone. After that, the player can buy the Perfection Grindstone for 1000 Ergo from Pulcinella in Hotel Krat.

Laxasia, The Complete’s Moves in Lies of P

Laxasia, The Complete will perform the following moves:

  • 360 Charged Attack – Laxasia, The Complete, will use her huge sword to sweep around her. Then, she will follow it up with another swing, but this time with electricity.
  • Uppercut Swing Approach – While approaching the player, this boss will swing her weapon from side to side in a sequence of upward strokes.
  • Stab – Laxasia, The Complete, takes a large stride forward and lunges with her blade. 
  • Kick Stab – This boss will kick in the player’s direction and then thrust using her weapon.
  • Electrically-charged Swing – Laxasia, The Complete will perform a big swing, releasing electricity in lines that fan out as they touch the floor.
  • Electric Path – This boss will use her weapon to carve an electrically charged path on the ground. This will shock the player if they touch it.
  • Sword Charge – Laxasia, The Complete, will spring forward and sprint toward the player, her weapon in front of her, flicking it up as she approaches.
  • Jump Attack – this boss will jump up in the air and then land on the ground with a melee strike.

In the second phase of the battle, Laxasia, The Complete, will execute the following moves:

  • Electrical Blast – Laxasia, The Complete will charge up and then release the electricity in a blast.
  • Electricity Dash – This boss will dash across the room, releasing electric shocks.
  • Aerial Electric Attack – Laxasia, The Complete, will jump into the air and shoot an electric shot from a distance.
  • Storm Cloud Lightning Attack – This boss will create a cloud that continuously releases lightning strikes for the player.

Laxasia: Basic Information

A screenshot of a cutscene with Laxasia, The Complete without her armor.
Courtesy of JB3

According to the lore in the game, Laxasia, The Complete, was the Alchemist Adriana. The elixir baptized her, and she became the first complete being. Everything about her was wonderful, except that her affections for one person were irreversible.

Laxasia, The Complete, is loyal to Simon Manus and stands between the player and the tower where the player will face Simon Manus. She cared strongly about him, and even becoming a whole being did not affect how she felt.

The player will face Laxasia, The Complete, on the Ascension Bridge, next to the Stargazer in the Arche Abbey Prayer Room.

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Like the other bosses in the game, this boss can be quite challenging. The absolute key to beating Laxasia, The Complete, is becoming used to her moves and behavior. With that, the next thing to do is react to the above-mentioned tips.

However, it is already a given that this is easier said than done. You would have to keep attempting to beat Laxasia, The Complete. Because of that, the secret ingredient is patience. You are one step closer to predicting this boss’ moves with every attempt. With that, you will become more confident in reacting and, therefore, one step closer to finally beating Laxasia, The Complete!

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