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Beidou is a 4-star character that uses a claymore as her weapon. Her elemental skill and elemental burst are Electro, but her attacks are primarily normal and charged, dealing Physical damage. Aside from this, you also need to consider the role and play style you are going for with your Beidou before choosing the weapon for her.

What is the Best Weapon for Beidou in Genshin Impact

Beidou can be the main DPS, mostly on the field, and throws most of the attacks on your team. She can also be a sub or off-field DPS with her elemental burst, Stormbreaker, which still works with your other active characters.

For more information on how to play Beidou, please see our guide by clicking this link.

Weapons for Main DPS Beidou

Wolf’s Gravestone

claymore card wgs

The Wolf’s Gravestone is the most wanted weapon for all claymore-wielding DPS characters. Its stats and bonus work decently with most claymore DPS characters’ kits and play styles.

Aside from the ATK% secondary stat, this weapon’s passive effect increases the user’s ATK by 20%. If the weapon wielder hits an enemy with an HP of less than 30%, the entire party’s ATK will be increased by 40%.

Song of Broken Pines

claymore card song of broken pines

This 5-star claymore has Physical Damage Bonus as its secondary stat and a passive effect that increases the character’s ATK by at least 16%. When the character’s normal or charged attacks hit an opponent, a Sigil of Whispers will be gained, and when four sigils are possessed, all of them will be consumed. All nearby party members will obtain the “Millennial Movement: Banner-Hymn” effect for 12 seconds.

Millennial Movement: Banner-Hymn increases the average attack speed and the ATK of the characters blessed by it.

Beidou’s play style as a DPS character involves more normal and charged attacks than basic skill and burst spam. This allows great utilization of the effects and stats of the Song of Broken Pines.

Serpent Spine

claymore card serpent spine

The Serpent’s Spine is a 4-star claymore you can get by purchasing and unlocking the Gnostic Hymn and reaching level 30 of the game’s Battle Pass. This means spending real money, and if you are willing to do so, this weapon is something to consider.

This claymore’s secondary stat is Critical Rate, allowing you to reach a decent amount for consistent critical hits on any battle. If you have this weapon for Beidou, you can focus more on increasing her Critical Damage points.

When equipping this claymore, Beidou will gain a damage increase with every 4 seconds that she is on the field, and this effect stacks up to 5 times. However, with every stack of damage increase, the damage that Beidou will take is also increased, and with every damage she takes, a stack will be removed.

Blackcliff Slasher

claymore card blackcliff slasher

The Blackcliff Slasher is a claymore with Critical Damage for its secondary stat, which will significantly increase the damage of the character’s critical hits. Its passive effect called Press the Advantage increases the character’s ATK for 30 seconds after defeating an opponent. This effect can be stacked up to 3 times, and the duration is independent of each stack.

With this weapon, you can prioritize the character’s Critical Rate first for it to reach a decent amount of 75%. The passive effect of this weapon also makes it a good choice in situations where weaker enemies are present.

You can get this claymore from Paimon’s Bargains shop using Masterless Starglitters.

Lithic Blade

claymore card lithic

With this 4-star claymore, for every character in the party who hails from Liyue, the user’s ATK and critical Rate will be increased. This effect can be stacked up to 4 times, and to have that maximum stack, all party members, including the weapon user, must be from Liyue.

Since Beidou is from Liyue, a stack of the weapon’s passive will be activated.

Prototype Archaic

claymore card prototype archaic

This weapon is the easiest claymore because it can be crafted with the blacksmith. It is also a safe weapon for a DPS-type character, with its stat focusing on giving ATK points.

With the Prototype Archaic, the weapon user’s normal and charged attack has a 50% chance to deal with an additional attack hit to the opponents nearby. The damage of this extra attack will be around 240 to 360%, depending on the weapon’s refinement level.

Weapons for a Sub-DPS or Off-Field DPS Beidou

Skyward Pride

claymore card skyward pride

Despite having Energy Recharge as its secondary stat, the Skyward Pride’s damage boost bonuses can be taken from its passive effect, which increases the weapon wielder’s damage. Further, after that character uses an elemental burst talent, their normal and charged attacks will create a vacuum blade if they hit an opponent. The damage to the vacuum blade created by Skyward Pride’s passive effect will be 80% of the weapon wielder’s max ATK.

The said passive effect could be utilized by Beidou because her play style includes making as many normal or charged attacks right after casting his elemental burst.

Skyward Pride is also a good weapon for a sub-DPS or an off-field because it helps quickly fill up Beidou’s Energy for the high Energy Cost of her elemental burst.

Katsuragikiri Nagamasa

claymore card katsuragikiri nagamasa

The Katsuragikiri Nagamasa is a claymore that has Energy Recharge as its secondary stat and a passive that not only increases the damage to the character’s elemental skill but also works as an Energy battery for them. After the character’s elemental skill hits an opponent, that character will lose 3 Energy but regenerates a certain amount of Energy every 2 seconds for 6 seconds.

This 4-star weapon is probably the best weapon for an off-field type when paired with the 4-piece Emblem of Severed Fate artifact set.

You can craft the Katsuragikiri Nagamasa with the town smithy as long as you have the blueprint. It is one of the Amethyst Series weapons released with the Inazuma game update. Please see our guide by clicking this link if you want to learn how to get the Katsuragikiri Nagamasa claymore.

Sacrificial Greatsword

claymore card sacrificial greatsword

The Sacrificial Greatsword is another 4-star claymore with Energy Recharge as its secondary stat. When the character’s elemental skill hits an opponent while using this weapon, there is a chance that the skill will reset its cool-down time.

This weapon is a good choice for a sub-DPS and an off-field DPS type because it can help with the Energy Cost of the character’s elemental burst and let you use the elemental skill more often.

If you have one or more of the listed claymores above, ensure that the weapon’s feature fits the play style and role your Beidou is going for.

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