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Crafting is a big selling point of the Monster Hunter franchise. Players love to mix and match armor sets to get the best combination of skill bonuses and defense stats. Optimizing your armor to complement your playstyle is a literal gamechanger.

How to Craft the Mighty Bow Feather in Monster Hunter Rise

If you love using bows, there’s one piece of equipment you can’t do without, and that’s the Mighty Bow Feather.

The Only Way to Get Bow Charge Plus

It’s currently the only way to get the Bow Charge Plus skill. This skill is absolutely essential for all bow users because it increases your bow charge by a whole level. Bows only have three levels of charge. Pressing the Zr button three times in a row produces a three-level bow attack combo.

The third-level bow attack has the highest potential damage. The Bow Charge skill will give you an even higher damage. Press the Zr button until you fire the fourth charge attack using your bow.

Unlike most armor pieces in the game, the potent Mighty Bow Feather helm isn’t part of a set. It doesn’t come with other armor pieces, such as a vest, pants, or greaves. Once you get this, you will need to mix and match with other armor pieces to get the most out of your armor.

Finding All the Materials

The Mighty Bow Feather is craftable at either of the two blacksmiths in Kamura Village. But, this unique piece of armor requires a special set of materials to craft. These materials can only be obtained in the Arena quests. You can access these quests by speaking with Master Utsushi in the Gathering Hub.

The materials required are:

  • 3x Hunter King Coins
  • 3x Rajang Coins,
  • 2x Ace Hunter Coins
  • 2x Barioth Coins

Materials needed for Mighty Bow Feather

The Hunter King Coins can be found in Arena 3. This arena requires you to hunt a Nargacuga and Royal Ludroth. You will be using predetermined equipment and items. You can choose from only five weapons to use for hunting: Greatsword, Hammer, Switch Axe, Bows, and Dual Blades. It’s also possible to get Hunter King Coins randomly in Arenas 4 and 5.

You can get Rajang Coins by hunting a Rajang in Arena 5. This will prove to be a real challenge. The predetermined armor sets don’t provide the best defense. The Rajang is one of the most aggressive monsters in the Monster Hunter franchise. They change their fur color to golden yellow when they get mad. Their attack patterns become increasingly fast and unpredictable. In Arena 5, you can only choose from Dual Blades, Greatsword, Longsword, Lance, and Heavy Bowgun.

Ace Hunter Coins are also acquired in Arena 5. But there are also instances where they are dropped or given as a random reward in Arena 4. Arena 5 yields the Ace Hunter coins more often. 

You will find Barioth Coins from Arena 4 when you bring down a Barioth. The weapons to choose from are: Sword and Shield, Gunlance, Hunting Horn, Charge Blades, and Bow.

Arena 04 Rewards

Winning in the Arenas

Arena quests are a good way to familiarize yourself with other weapon types. It’s designed this way so players can experience different weapon types. Farming for items and leveling up your armor before Arena quests won’t help you. You’ll be using subpar equipment and limited consumable items. Newer players will find Arena quests more difficult and frustrating than normal quests. 

It might take several successful hunts to get all the items you need to craft the Mighty Bow Feather. The coins rewarded are random. It’s recommended to break parts and cut tails to get a bigger chance of getting more hunt rewards. Use this opportunity to familiarize yourself with different types of weapons.

Your partner palicos cannot help you gather the needed materials even if they equip the pilfer skill. In arena quests, you can’t bring any of the buddies that would normally go with you on the hunt. This tests the individual skills of hunters. This could prove challenging if you’ve grown dependent on your palico’s skills and palamute’s mobility.

If you find yourself failing the arena quests too much, don’t be discouraged. Use this opportunity to hone your skills and learn to better time your combo attacks. Learn the different move sets of the target monsters and practice your dodge. Dodging is your most important move in just about any situation, and it’s often disregarded in the heat of battle. 

Putting It All Together

Once you get everything you need to craft the Mighty Bow Feather, it’s time to build it. Head over to one of the two blacksmiths in Kamura Village. Remember that both Hamon and Nakago can craft all the weapons and armors in Monster Hunter Rise. When you get there, choose Forge/Upgrade Armor > Forge Armor. The Mighty Bow Feather is on the lower part of the list. Its found between the Brigade S armor and Gargwa Mask S armor sets. 

The Mighty Bow Feather has a single skill: the Bow Charge Plus. You can verify this before crafting by pressing the R Stick which brings you to the Skill Info window. The skill description reads “Increases max bow charge level by one.” The unique headpiece is also very fashionable. It’s a single dangling earring in the shape of a feather connected to the hook by two beads. It works well with most other armor pieces. This makes your hunter appear as if they are wearing no headgear.

The combination of armor pieces you can wear with the Mighty Bow Feather is limitless, but the best builds will focus either on Crit or Stamina.

Crit-heavy builds deliver high critical damage and chance. For example, you could combine the Mighty Bow Feather with the following:

  • Zinogre Mail S,
  • Lagombi Vambraces S
  • Golden Obi
  • Golden Hakama
  • A talisman

This set gives you a level 3 Critical Boost Skill that increases the critical damage dealt by 40%. You also get a level 2 Critical Eye Skill, which increases your affinity by 10%. This critical build only gives you one level 2 jewel slot. Depending on your equipped bow and talisman, it may be more. It’s recommended to use this slot either for a Critical Eye jewel or a Weakness Exploit jewel.

If you want to take the Stamina route, you can mix the headpiece with the Rakna-Kadaki set. You can equip Rakna Mail, Rakna Armguards, Rankna Coil, and Rakna Greaves. The Rakna-Kadaki set gives you max constitution, so it’s best to use a talisman with level 3 Critical Eye Skill.

This build increases the attack power of spreader arrows. It also gives you a level 2 Reload Speed skill. This equips your arrows with your selected coating. The level 4 Constitution Skill reduces fixed stamina depletion by 40%. You also get a level 3 Stamina Surge skill, which increases your stamina recovery speed by 40%.

You could also try a hybrid build that mixes the Crit-heavy and Stamina options. Here’s what that might look like:

  • Mighty Bow Feather
  • Zinogre Mail S
  • Ranka Armguards
  • Golden Obi
  • Golden Hakama
  • A talisman of your choice

Depending on your jewels equipped, the skills may vary. This hybrid set guarantees a high Constitution and Critical Boost skill. 

Again, the armor and weapon combinations are virtually endless, and there is no one right answer. You also need to consider which monster you’re going to hunt. Experiment with different combinations to figure out which one works best for you. 

The bow is one of the most versatile weapons in the game. Most people partner the Bow Charge Plus skill with the Stamina Thief Skill. This enables you to spam arrows by pressing the Zr button while you exhaust the monsters. Combining the Mighty Bow Feather with different skills can change your playstyle. It opens new avenues for strategy and gameplay for bow users. This single upgrade can make it feel like playing a whole new game.

Getting the unique and powerful Mighty Bow Feather is the first step to mastering the bow weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. Utilizing this headpiece can make you unstoppable during hunts.

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