Craftopia : How To Use Absorbers


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Absorbers are a great thing if you want to automate your farms in Craftopia. What Absorbers do is they gather fallen items from the ground.

Craftopia : How To Use Absorbers

Once you put an Absorber, it creates a tornado that sucks the items into it. Farming in Craftopia is vital, so you will need to make efficient farms to progress further. Sometimes it is quite tricky to use Absorbers efficiently, but that’s why we created this guide on how to use Absorbers.

How To Use Absorbers In Craftopia

To use this machinery, it will need to go hat in hand with other useful objects. First, you need to make items fall on the ground so that the Absorber picks them up.

For this, we need Saws. Saws is a machine in Craftopia which has wheels, and it moves around with rotating blades sticking from the sides of it. So, on a farm, it can roll around cutting crops while the Absorber picks them up.

How to use Absorbers efficiently?

  • Firstly, make a crop farm with an infrastructure of 4×4. For example, a four by four wheat field.
  • Secondly, craft Absorbers and Rotating Saws.
  • Divide the farm into four identical squares and place the Absorbers in the middle of each square.
  • In other words, put the device in the middle where four wheat fields connect. Four Absorbers will be needed.
  • Water the crops.
  • Build brick walls all around the farm, so that the Rotating Saws don’t veer off outside.
  • Once the Crops have grown, place the Rotating Saws, and voila, you have a semi-automated farm. The saws will cut down the crops, and the Absorbers will pick up all the crops on the ground.

The biggest drawback is that you will still have to water the farm, but it is easier to gather crops with the Saws and Absorbers. If you don’t know how to make Wheat Fields, you can learn about it here. Good luck, farmer!

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