Craftopia Character Creation | How To Customize Character


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Probably even more important than all of your customizations to your base and world is the character creation.

Craftopia Character Creation | How To Customize Character

Once you create a character based on your preferences, you are stuck with it to the ends of the world. There are quite a few customizable options for character creation in Craftopia, with many more to come.

Pocket Pair Inc. plans to add more character creation features since this is a heavily focused role-playing game.

We give you all the details about character creation in Craftopia below.

Craftopia Create Character

When you first launch the game, you will either pick between single-player or multi-player.

After you choose the corresponding mode, you will be transferred to the character creation menu. You’ll have five tabs with different customizable options.

There are options for body, face, hair, others, and type. Each of them has numerous sub-sections with choices.

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In the body tab, you can choose your body type and skin color. When you are done with that, you can go to the face tab. Here you can change the face, eye color, and eyebrow color. Next is hair, and you can change your hairstyle and hair color.

Since this game is getting updated and developed every day, with new features and additions, you can choose a beard and face paint in the others tab. However, these are not yet implemented in the game, but there is a plan for them.

In the type tab, of course, you can choose your sex and ethnicity. Pocket Pair is also planning to add Elf and Demon ethnicity, which will be interesting.

The developers have tried to make this process as customizable as possible, giving the players infinite possibilities. You can create your custom character with ease, and expect to have a lot of options. Not to mention the many more they will implement. Enjoy your Craftopia adventure!

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