Is Craftopia Multiplayer | Everything you need to know


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Craftopia is one of the most exciting up-rising survival games now. Surviving and thriving with factories, automatic farms, crafting, catching animals, and so much more, makes it significantly more likable to be online.

Is Craftopia Multiplayer | Everything you need to know

You can survive on your own and have your single-player campaign, but is Craftopia multiplayer, and can you play with other players? Find out below. We’ve outlined everything you need to know about Craftopia multiplayer.

Is Craftopia Multiplayer

The short answer is yes. Craftopia has a multiplayer mode available. Also, the game supports Co-Op campaigns with up to eight players, which is a bonus.

This means that you can do either LAN play or Online play. Nevertheless, dedicated servers or mixed local and online play are not supported. But since this game is more of a laid-back game, this doesn’t matter that much.

It’s a bummer for dedicated servers since players and developers haven’t got the freedom to create exciting mods or worlds.

Also, don’t expect that you will get Split screen capabilities, because this game hasn’t got them. One could see why they didn’t do a split-screen since you already have LAN capabilities, you would want to have more systems, instead of playing on one.

Craftopia Multiplayer Options

You can go online if you make your little server, or you can join via Steam. To create your server, you have to do it with Hamachi. When you download Hamachi, you need to create a network and share the IP with your friends so they can join.

Lastly, it is fascinating that this game has multiplayer capabilities. Since it is a survival game, there can be raids, griefs, or you could all advance together. That’s what makes it so fun. Enjoy the Craftopia world with your friends today!

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