Craftopia : How to Slay a Dragon


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There are powerful animals and mobs in Craftopia. The stronger the creature, the more rewarding the loot. An excellent example of this is the Dragon in Craftopia.

Craftopia : How to Slay a Dragon

It is a humungous creature that breathes fire, and you will have to be very skilled to take it down. In this game, taking down a dragon is a huge achievement.

How to Slay a Dragon in Craftopia

The dragons in Craftopia are around level 20-25. But the main issue is that they are very healthy. You could expect to battle a dragon for about 15 minutes.

Furthermore, they deal a ton of damage. The strong targeted shot will reduce your health by 150 on average, and they also inflict burning, which will further decrease your health by 12 until the burning stops.

Loot-wise, you get the Dragon Raw meat along with some logs and charcoal, which is weird. The dragon meat isn’t anything special, but it is a proud moment to see dragon flesh in your inventory.

5 Tips for Slaying Dragon :

1. Always Keep Moving

This is very important when fighting dragons. They can fly fast, but their smaller movements are slow. Whenever you can, after a successful combination of moves, duck, evade, run, and then regroup.

You can also try hiding behind objects, attacking, then moving to a different spot.

2. High-Ground

Look to get the high ground since the dragon can get stuck trying to get to you. This isn’t a bug per se, but it’s an impressive trick you can do.

3. Ranged Weapon

Don’t use your spell too much, since you will need to do some mana management. Mana management will be vital because you will need to heal a lot when battling this creature.

That’s why you need a ranged weapon. A bow is a perfect option.

4. Healing

Whenever you feel like you need to heal, do it. Many players die because they didn’t want to waste heal. But if the dragon hits you and inflicts burning, the damage rapidly stacks up.

5. Not To Close

Never get too close to the dragon. His hitboxes are enormous, so you will get hit if you are standing close to the dragon.

As long as you keep doing the things mentioned above, you will be fine. Dragons can be found next to big volcanos or scorching places. Usually, there are big rocks there, which can be great for cover or high-ground. You cannot fight the dragon if you’re too weak. You need to progress a bit and then try to fight it. Good luck!

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