David Arrives in New Trailer for The Last of Us Episode 8


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I’ve been speculating for a while that The Last of Us series won’t have time to cover all the events of the first game, but it seems that they are making good time with two major arcs left to be covered by two more episodes.

David Arrives in New Trailer for The Last of Us Episode 8

The next episode will have Ellie running into a different survivor group ran by someone called David, and we have a trailer teasing the events of the next episode. Check this out:

What’s also great is that the episode features Troy Baker who is the original Joel from the games. It looks like he’s going to be playing one of David’s lackeys in the series, not unlike the role played by Jeffrey Pierce (the game’s Tommy) in the Kansas arc.

With Baker appearing in this episode, fans are expecting the finale to feature Ashley Johnson, the game’s original Ellie, who is said to be playing Ellie’s mother in the game. It’s very likely we’ll get Marlene’s backstory with the finale, and we’ll get to see why she knew who Ellie was and left her to train in the QZ.

Of course, there’s also the question of David. I don’t really want to spoil anything for the character, but I guess you can say he’s one of the most directly significant arcs in the game; and will probably be the same for the series.

Catch the next episode of The Last of Us when it comes out on HBO Max next Sunday.

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