GTA 5: Rampage – Military Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Not even the military can stop Trevor’s rage.

GTA 5: Rampage - Military Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Trevor will bump into all types of groups in the Strangers and Freaks series of missions titled Rampage. Previously, Trevor encountered some rednecks in Sandy Shores and two gangs in the Vagos and Ballas. This time, Trevor gets tangled with no less than military personnel near the Fort Zancudo military base.

In this guide, we have outlined everything you need to know about Rampage – Military and how to get a Gold Medal to complete the mission in GTA 5.

Rampage – Military Synopsis

While driving around Tongva Hills, Trevor spots two military personnel working on their truck at the side of the road. As Trevor approaches both men, one of the military personnel stops Trevor and asks what he is doing in the area. Trevor does not answer the first time around, so the military personnel asks Trevor the same question one more time. Trevor responds with “Nothing.” with a slight Canadian accent.

1 8

Upon hearing Trevor’s voice, the military personnel starts mocking Trevor for his accent. Tired of people always making fun of his slight accent, Trevor lashes out at the military personnel and picks up a grenade launcher from the back of their truck, forcing them to run away and call for help.

Trevor enters Red Mist mode and starts shooting down the two fleeing military men. Waves of backup arrive a few seconds later, which Trevor deals with easily.

Trevor gets increasingly generous by the second, so the military responds by sending a Rhino tank to help suppress Trevor.

2 11

Trevor still has the Grenade Launcher he picked up from the back of the two military personnel’s truck and used to take out the Rhino.

With the tank taken care of, Trevor continues his Rampage by clearing the remaining soldiers in the r tank, which arrives just a few seconds after the first one enters the scene, but Trevor deals with this tank the same way did with the first tank all the same.

The military base sends one last wave of soldiers in large Transport Trucks, which Trevor disposes of quickly, leading him to question whether those soldiers were the best the US Military had to offer.

When all have taken out no less than 45 soldiers and two Rhinos by himself.

Rampage – Military Gold Medal Objectives

  • Make 45 kills
  • Get six headshots
  • Destroy 2 Rhinos

Unlike most other GTA 5, you cannot replay Rampage Missions. You must complete all three Gold Medal Objectives in a single playthrough.

Rampage – Military Mission Guide

Trevor will enter Red Mist rage mode as soon as the cutscene ends. You get two free kills and headshots by shooting down the fleeing soldiers.

3 10
4 8

Multiple waves of humvees carrying 2-4 soldiers will arrive one after the other. You should deal with these before they even arrive at Trevor’s spot, or you risk being run over by them.

5 9

Switch to your Grenade Launcher, then use Trevor’s special ability by pressing the assigned key. The first tank will arrive after a while. Do not let up until the tank is destroyed, as these tanks can kill Trevor even when he is in Red Mist mode.

6 12
7 7

A few more waves will arrive then the second tank will show up. Like the first tank encounter, enter Trevor’s special ability, then shoot down the tank with the Grenade Launcher.

8 10

Finish off the rest of the incoming soldiers. Ensure you get 45 kills and six headshots to complete the mission with a Gold Medal.

9 10
10 9

Bring It On!

The only challenge in this mission is the Rhino tank, which can be destroyed using the Grenade Launcher Trevor picked up early in the mission. Save your Grenade Launcher ammo for the Rhino tanks, as you’ll need to take down two of these to complete the Gold Medal Objective.

Compared to Rampage-Ballas, Rampage-Military’s 45-kill requirement is easier to complete because the soldiers arrive in their humvees, making them an easy target to shoot down. Ensure you score at least six headshots while killing the soldiers to complete the mission objectives in one run.

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