How to Use Ellen Ripley’s Perks in Dead by Daylight


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Learn how to use Ellen Ripley’s Perks in Dead by Daylight!

How to Use Ellen Ripley's Perks in Dead by Daylight

The alien Xenomorph is the big centerpiece of the Alien chapter released for Dead by Daylight. Still, the DLC expansion also came with many other goods, including a map and, most importantly, a new survivor.

Ellen Ripley is the latest survivor to join the ranks of Dead by Daylight, and her character also comes with three new perks, all essential when it comes to taking down sadistic creatures recruited by the entity.

Who is Ellen Ripley?

Sigourney Weaver played Ellen Ripley in the Alien franchise and was the series’s protagonist for a while before the eventual reboot/sequel with Prometheus.

Essentially, Ripley (and her crew) is the sci-fi version of a trucker. Still, when a Xenomorph comes loose on her ship, the Nostromo, it is up to Ripley to try and find a way to survive, despite the alien being adept at taking out her crew members one by one.

Of course, Ripley must take on the Xenomorph for a few more films. However, she manages to push through with her grit and various futuristic tech each time.

A screenshot of Ellen Ripley in Dead by Daylight

Ellen Ripley’s Dead by Daylight Perks

The character of Ellen Ripley comes with three perks, each based on her experience from the Alien films. It shouldn’t be surprising that they all help with the character being able to sneak around undetected, as well as make use of some nifty traps just to slow down the killer, even for just a little. These perks are:

Lucky Star – When injured and hiding in a locker, no pools of blood will be left, and the survivor makes no sounds for a brief duration. When the survivor exits the locker, they’ll see the Aura of the rest of their teammates and the closest Generator.

Light-Footed – When survivors are healthy, their running footsteps will be silent. This perk can’t be used when the character is exhausted. It also enters a brief cooldown when the player performs a Rushed Action.

Chemical Trap – When repairing a generator for a duration, the survivor can place a trap on a dropped Pallet. When the Killer breaks a Pallet that’s been rigged, they’ll be slowed down after the trap explodes.

Other Goods from the Alien Chapter

Besides the Xenomorph and Ripley, the chapter also provides a new location to the game in the form of the Nostromo Wreckage. Not only does it have a map of an alien location, but it also lets players walk around the wrecked interior of the Nostromo from the first Alien film.

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Players can run into movie easter eggs, including cryogenic pods and the dinner table where the xenomorph is born. You can even look through the window of the med bay, where you’ll be jump-scared by a loose facehugger.

Besides the map, players can use Ripley’s skin from the sequel Aliens, dubbed the Back in Action outfit.  You can even unlock Ripley’s outfit from Alien: Resurrection, dubbed Ripley 8.

There is also a Motion Tracker charm that’s available through the DLC. It’s not much use in the game, but it is a neat easter egg from another Alien game, Alien: Isolation.

A screenshot of the motion tracker item in Dead by Daylight
via: Steam

It’s not only Ripley that gets a bunch of cosmetics as well. The Xenomorph also gets an array of skins, including the Grid Xenomorph, which is a reference from Alien vs. Predator; the Xenomorph Clone, which is a failed Ripley clone from Resurrection; and lastly, the Xenomorph Queen, the final antagonist of the Aliens film.

Predator Tease?

Returning to the Grid Xenomorph, some think this skin is a tease for what’s to come. Since the Xeno gets them when it clashes with a Predator, some think there is room for them to appear in DBD soon. Players will just have to wait and see.

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