Diablo Immortal: Phantom Market Event Guide (April 2023)


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Feeling lucky? Try your hand at Diablo Immortal’s Phantom Market.

Diablo Immortal: Phantom Market Event Guide (April 2023)

The Phantom Market Event returns in Diablo Immortal. This time, players can win cosmetic sets such as Burning Valor, Contest of Knaves, and Void Beyond cosmetic lines.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the April 2023 Phantom Market Event, including how the event works and all the loot you can expect to get in the event in this guide.

Phantom Market Event Overview

The Diablo Immortal Phantom Market is a Lucky Draw event where players can spend a special currency called Obols for a guaranteed chance to get one of ten items in the event prize pool. Only one character per player can participate in the event.

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Each item in the reward pool features a base draw probability on the first draw only. The draw probabilities for each item increase relative to their base draw probability and how many items remain in the rewards pool. After players draw for the first time, a random item will be rewarded to the player and removed from the event pool.

Players can get Obols using Eternal Orbs at a 1:1 exchange rate. Unused Obols will automatically be converted to Platinum when the event ends.

Random rewards can also be acquired once a week through the Blessing of Burning Valor, and players can also get rewards after drawing a certain number of times in the event.

Phantom Market Event Rewards

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Phantom Market Draw Rewards:

  • Burning Valor Cosmetic Set – 0.13%
  • Burning Valor Portal Cosmetic – 3.16%
  • Burning Valor Ultimate – 0.63%
  • Bring It Emote – 60.00%
  • Contest of Knaves Silver Armor – 15.63%
  • Contest of Knaves Silver Weapon – 1.14%
  • Contest of Knaves Gold Armor – 15.63%
  • Contest of Knaves Gold Weapon – 1.14%
  • Void Beyond Charcoal Armor – 0.76%
  • Void Beyond Charcoal Weapon – 1.77%

Phantom Market Draw Cost:

  • 1st Draw – 10 Obols
  • 2nd Draw – 60 Obols
  • 3rd Draw – 150 Obols
  • 4th Draw – 300 Obols
  • 5th Draw – 550 Obols
  • 6th Draw – 900 Obols
  • 7th Draw – 1,400 Obols
  • 8th Draw – 2,000 Obols
  • 9th Draw – 2,400 Obols
  • 10th Draw – 3,240 Obols

Blessing of Burning Valor Rewards:

  • Gold
  • 5x Reinforced Scrap Material
  • 1x Beguiling Dust
  • 1x Flowing Shard

Additional Draw Rewards:

  • Pale Breath Portal (Draw 2)
  • Rancor Emote (Draw 4)
  • Fervent Emote (Draw 6)
  • Empyrean Arch Portal (Draw 8)

You will have to spend around 11,010 Obols or 11,010 Eternal Orbs to get all the rewards featured in the event.

Test Your Luck

You will need a ton of luck if you want to win one of the more sought-after cosmetic sets in the Phantom Market event in Diablo Immortal. For perspective, you only have a 0.13% chance of getting the featured cosmetic set, Burning Valor.

The good news is that your chances of getting the other cosmetic sets will naturally increase as you continue to draw in the event. You are also guaranteed to get one of ten items in the rewards pool for every draw, so you’re not throwing money away by purchasing Eternal Orbs and using them for the event draws.

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