Did You Spot the Easter Egg in the Super Mario Bros. Movie Super Bowl Promo?


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The Super Bowl was filled with a lot of big reveals for all kinds of things, but Illumination managed to make a splash with an in-world ad for the Super Mario Bros. Though the new ad only played for 30 seconds, some fans had noticed a neat Easter Egg from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show.

Did You Spot the Easter Egg in the Super Mario Bros. Movie Super Bowl Promo?

First off, here’s the trailer:

Some fans were wondering why the voice of the woman sounded familiar, and it turns out, the voice was provided by Jeannie Elias, the voice of the Princess Toadstool (now Princess Peach) in the original Super Mario Bros. cartoon.

Elias’ voice wasn’t the only Easter egg either. You can also clearly hear the Super Mario theme which was also prominent in the clips release of Mario walking around the Mushroom Kingdom.

This is also not an Easter Egg or the Mario games specifically, but some fans noticed that the animation goes into such great detail, that you can even see the ‘green screen’ reflected on Mario and Luigi’s ears when they shot that sequence with the money behind them. It’s more of a neat detail for anyone who’s into that kind of thing:

With Super Mario having decades of materials to draw from, you can imagine all the kinds of references they can sneak into this movie. I just hope they manage to have enough material for a sequel—should push forward. Admittedly, the movie looks pretty great, and I can’t wait to check it out when it premieres on April 7.

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