Does Valorant Have Spray Patterns?


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Controlling recoil is an important part of any shooter. Valorant’s recoil system is rather interesting. Is there a recoil pattern? Of course, there is, but it’s not always consistent. In this article, we’ll explore how recoil patterns affect different weapons in Valorant and how you can be more accurate by learning to control your guns.

Does Valorant Have Spray Patterns?

Does Valorant Have Spray Patterns?

Yes, it does. Similarly to CS: GO, Rainbow 6: Siege, and other tactical shooters, recoil patterns are a factor in Valorant. The game’s spray patterns are highly randomized, however, and movement decreases your accuracy significantly. Automatic weapon patterns suffer from this the most. Moving and firing in full-auto more or less makes it impossible to aim. As with most online shooters, short, controlled, and accurate bursts are better than spraying bullets everywhere. Control is the key to victory.

Controlling the spray patterns in Valorant

Before you try to learn the patterns of each weapon, adjust your crosshair, and aim sensitivity to fell comfortable. Every player is different and the settings that work for your favorite Valorant pro player may not work for you. After that, it’s best to head to the Valorant shooting range and test out all the different weapons at your disposal. We can write thousands of words on how to aim, but the best teacher will always be personal experience and muscle memory.

After you’ve done all the preparation, how can you improve your aim and control the spray pattern? It’s simple. Staying still and aiming is the best option if you want to land an accurate shot. All weapons are at their sharpest accuracy when you’re not moving. Aiming down the sights will also improve accuracy, but it’ll also reduce the fire rate of most weapons. It’s best to keep firing from the hip during close engagements and aim down the sights when firing from afar.

One way to improve accuracy would be to stop immediately after moving and press the button in the opposite direction of your previous movement. This will cancel out the momentum and give you the same accuracy as if you were standing still all that time. It’s a strategy employed by all high-level Valorant players.

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