Escape From Tarkov Farming Part 1 to 4 (Ultimate Guide)


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“Farming” parts 1 through 4 is one of the first task chains you’ll be able to complete for trader NPC Mechanic. Luckily, we won’t be digging for cabbages, but there’s still plenty of fieldwork that needs to be done.

Escape From Tarkov Farming Part 1 to 4 (Ultimate Guide)

Each part can be completed one after the other, with parts 1 and 2 requiring that you also be level 12, and parts 3 and 4 requiring that you be level 14.

Farming Part 1

Summary: Mechanic wants you to repair a pair of electrical panels located in Factory map near the Gate 3 extraction.

factory map farming part 1

Both of the electrical panels are marked on this map with red stars.

electrical panels map

⦁ Each electrical panel requires you to have one of the “A set of tools” items in your inventory. These can be bought on the flea market or traded for with Mechanic level 1.
⦁ Each electrical requires you to stand in front of them, holding the “F“ key for 20 seconds while your character repairs the panels.
⦁ After repairing a panel, one of the “A set of tools” items will be removed from your inventory.
⦁ You do not have to repair both panels in one raid, and you do not have to survive the raids in which you repair any of the panels.
⦁ If you have not survived a raid in which you’ve repaired a panel, you simply need to survive ANY other run on Factory.
⦁ If you’re very new to the game and not confident in your ability to survive a raid on Factory, it’s recommended to empty your Secure Container and keep a tool set in it for a pair of raids. You can only repair one panel per raid with this method, but you won’t risk losing the tool set if you die before repairing the panels. The tools do not need to be removed from your secure container in order to repair each panel.

Rewards in Farming Part 1 :
⦁ +8,000 EXP
⦁ Mechanic Rep +0.04
⦁ 25,000 Roubles

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Farming Part 2

Farming Part 2 is easy enough to complete without much extra work, Mechanic just wants you to turn in a handful of relatively common items.

Summary: Mechanic wants you to turn in 3 Power Cords, 5 T-Shaped Plugs, and 3 Printed Circuit Board

⦁ Power Cords are easily found in filing cabinet drawers and sports bags, and occasionally in PC Blocks.
⦁ T-Shaped Plugs can be found very commonly in Filing Cabinet Drawers.
⦁ Printed Circuit Boards are only really reliably found in PC Blocks.
⦁ These items can be collected before even accepting the task from Mechanic.
⦁ These items do not need to be found in a raid, and can even be bought on the Flea Market.

⦁ +6,800 EXP
⦁ Mechanic Rep +0.03
⦁ 15,000 Roubles
⦁ AKMSN 7.62×39 assault rifle

Farming Part 3

Farming Part 3 takes us to Customs, where Mechanic needs you to retrieve a package.

farming part 3 located in factory map 1024x576 1

Summary: Mechanic needs you to get into the office building of the red warehouse on the west-most edge of Customs, retrieve a package, and extract from the Raid alive with said package.

farming part 3 customs 1024x496 1

⦁ You’ll need the Customs Office Key in order to access the office room of the big red warehouse.
⦁ You will also need to breach a door to get to the office’s back room.
⦁ The package is a cardboard box located in the office’s back room, immediately to the left on the floor under a metal shelving unit.
⦁ The package is a 1×2 item.
⦁ You must extract from the raid in order to complete the quest.

⦁ 8,100 EXP
⦁ Mechanic Rep +0.03
⦁ 20,000 Roubles
⦁ Physical bitcoin

Farming Part 4

farmin part 4

Farming Part 4 is another grocery list of items, but a much more expensive one.

Summary: Mechanic wants you to retrieve 7 Graphics Cards and 7 CPU fans.

⦁ Graphics Cards can be found in PC Blocks, Sports Bags, and scav stashes.
⦁ Graphics Cards can also be reliably located in the Idea office and shelves of electronics stores in Interchange.
⦁ East wing room 222 and West wing room 301 of Shoreline.
⦁ Server racks in Reserve.
⦁ CPU fans can be found in PC Blocks.
⦁ These items can be found before accepting the quest.
⦁ These items do not need to be found in a raid, and can even be bought off the Flea Market.

⦁ 9,800 EXP
⦁ Mechanic Rep +0.04
⦁ 300 Euros
⦁ GLOCK 17 “Viper”

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