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The Dealers of Tarkov provide you with all sorts of tools to keep you alive in the battlefield. Sometimes, they’ll ask for your help, and in return they’ll open more of their wares to you.

Escape From Tarkov Golden Swag Guide

Skier sells you all sorts of attachments, and some weapons that are on the more covert side, if you can increase your reputation with him. Early on you’ll be doing some fetch quests for him, and Golden Swag is one such quest.

First things first, you’ll need some things in order to complete the quest.

  1. Dorm Room 303 Key
  2. Trailer Park Cabin Key

If you’ve got those in your inventory from your forays into Tarkov, then put them into your secure container and get started.

Otherwise, you’ll have to get your hands on both of these to finish the quest. If you at least have the Dorm Room 303 Key, you can complete the first half of the quest and wait until you have the Trailer Park Cabin Key to finish it off.

If you’ve reached level 10 with your PMC, you can simply purchase both keys from the Flea Market for a low price. Usually someone will be selling them.

Find a Gilded Zibbo Lighter

Skier wants you to let someone know that he has ways of getting to people, in a bit of a subtle way. First, you’ll need to find someone’s lighter.

If you’re familiar with the Customs map, you’ll know of the Dorms area. You’ll have to go here for the first part of this quest. Make your way up to the third floor of the three story dorms building and find room 303.

As you can probably expect, this is where the Dorm Room 303 Key comes in. Make sure you’re safe to do so and unlock the door. Once inside, you’ll see the Gilded Zibbo Lighter on the desk.

From here, you can make your way to extract if you don’t have the Trailer Park Cabin Key. Once you make it out alive, enter your character tab from the main menu and click on tasks. You’ll be able to move the Gilded Zibbo Lighter into your Off-Raid Quest Item stash.

If you do happen to have the key, or if you manage to get it later on, you can go onto the next step of your task.

Leave the lighter in the Bunkhouse in the trailer park

On the side of Customs that has the large red warehouse, you’ll find the trailer park.

Your task here is easy enough. Head into the trailer park and up to the cabin right by the gate. Using your Trailer Park Cabin Key, you’ll be able to open it up and interact with the pop up to stash the lighter inside.

Make sure to keep your head down, as you’ll need to hold the interact key for a full 30 seconds before you can do anything else.
Once you’ve placed the lighter, the quest will complete. For this quest, you won’t need to make it to extract, so don’t worry about that too much.

Report the completion the quest to Skier, and he’ll reward your hard work with some cash, an AS VAL, three 20-round magazines for it, and the ability to purchase a P1X42 reflex sight from him at LL2.

With that done, you’ll also unlock the tasks Chemical Part 1, and Friend from the West Part 1.

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