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Your two best friends in Tarkov are your weapon, and the traders that sell you your weapon. If you take a look at your Trading tab on the main menu, you might notice that one of the eight traders is locked. The man known as Jaeger, seller and buyer of all things for hunting.

Escape from Tarkov How to unlock Jaeger Quest

To unlock him, you’ll need to do a few things first.

  • Reach Level 10
  • Complete Gunsmith Part 1 for the Mechanic

Once you’ve done both these tasks, you’ll unlock a new task for the Mechanic called Introduction. The steps are threefold:

  1. Find Jaeger’s Camp
  2. Find Jaeger’s Message
  3. Handover the message to the Mechanic

Sounds simple enough. Let’s get started.

Find Jaeger’s Camp

Jaeger likes to hang out around the Woods, so it’s obvious his camp will probably be there. Drop yourself into a raid of the Woods and head on over to it.

Once you’re in the map, make your way over to the crashed plane on the western side of the map.

jaeger plane

From here, you’ll easily be able to find your way to Jaeger’s Camp, as it is just a few steps away.

jaeger camp

Once you find the camp, all you’ll need to do is pick up the message from Jaeger.

Find Jaeger’s Message

jaeger message

Among the wood underneath Jaeger’s camp will be a small slip of paper. Pick it up and make your way out of the Woods alive to complete this step.

Once that’s done, all you have to do is head over to your Trading tab again and hand the message over to the Mechanic. Once you’ve handed it over, the Mechanic will reward you with some cash, and you’ll unlock the ability to trade with Jaeger.

Jaeger buys and sells shotguns and hunting rifles, along with longer range scopes and medical kits to repair limbs with depleted hp. You will have to raise your loyalty with him, so hopefully you’re a good shot with a Mosin.

With that, you’ll have all the traders unlocked, and you can get back to escaping from Tarkov.

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