Escape From Tarkov Woods Map 2021 | Extraction Points, Keys, Boss Locations



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The woods map, a haven of snipers and scavs. Like the name suggests, you’ll be running through a dense forest, with some large clearings here and there.

Escape From Tarkov Woods Map 2021 | Extraction Points, Keys, Boss Locations

Keep your head on a swivel and your ears open, and you’ll probably hear whoever is running towards you before you see them. Be careful though, as you won’t hear the sniper in the grassy knoll.

Escape From Tarkov Woods Map Guide 2021

Landmarks in Woods

Because of the terrain of the Woods, most of your navigation will be done through identifying landmarks, of which there are many.

The Main Road in Woods

For starters, a road connects both the east and west sides of the map, each end being an extract if you spawn on the opposite side. From most places on the map, you’ll be able to see the road, and thus orient yourself based on where it leads.

If you simply follow the road you’ll pass by many of the more significant landmarks on the map, such as the Logging Camp, the Checkpoint, and Scav House.

Staying on the road is not recommended however, as there is little to no cover, and as for other landmarks off the beaten path, there are many. Here are some of the important ones.

Woods West

Starting from the northwest side of the map, south of the western end of the main road is the Old Station. This is a ruined rail station with not much of interest. Further east from the station, away from the border wall, is a large open field with a number of large rocks and a pile of rubble near its center.

In the wooded area to the south of the field is ZB-016, located in a small clearing. Further south is the remains of a crashed plane. Once past the plane you’ll find yourself at a large group of rocks standing at the top of a hill. Known as Lookout Rock, this is a common spot for other players to use in order to snipe into the logging camp, as there are clear sightlines to the other side.

Against the rock face of the mountain to the south west of Lookout Rock is a large opening with a few boxes and one lootable container. This location, known as Mountain Stash. is an extraction if you have a Red Rebel Ice Pick and a Paracord, it’s good to keep this place in mind. At the top of the mountain is the location of a sniper scav, so be wary.

Down from Lookout Rock to the east is an open field, and then the Logging Camp. This is the location of a sizeable amount of combat that occurs on this map, so tread carefully.

The Logging Camp

A number of notable locations within the Logging Camp is the Guardhouse, the Storage, Skeleton and Blue warehouses, the three Workhouses, and the Log Piles on the main road. To the south of the logging camp is another large set of rocks known as Sniper Rock. As the name suggests, this is also a common spot for other players to snipe from.

There are two possible spawn locations for Violet Labs Keycards in the Logging camp. The first is at the Guardhouse to the north, simply sitting on the desk inside. The Second is on the tailgate of the Black SUV that is parked in front of the Blue Warehouse. These are somewhat valuable to when passing by, make sure to check if one has spawned.

Scavs can spawn all over the logging camp, so it’s best to take a slow approach even if you don’t see any other players. The logging camp has one final special trait which will be covered later.

Woods East

Directly to the east of the Logging Camp is another dense part of the forest, much smaller than the forest on the Western Side. Near to the shore of the lake, just on the other side of the large rock at the lakeside, is a small camp. South of the camp and nearer to the Main Road is a Marked Circle. To the east of the camp is a small cabin with barbed wire on one side.

If you stick nearer to the road, you’ll also see a Checkpoint. Another Violet Keycard spawn point is on the driver side seat. Simply open the door and you should see it if it has spawned. Scavs like to skulk around in this area and the areas beyond, so stay alert.

Following the road, first will be a large rock near to the eastern border wall of the map, and beyond a fork in the road will be another on a hill. From the rock on the hill you’ll be able to see further down the road, almost all the way to the end of the road.

If you hug the border wall and head north from the rock, you’ll come across ZB-014. Keep going and you’ll be on the back end of the aptly named Scav House.

In the immediate area of the Scav House is where many Scavs like to be, along with the large open field further to the west beyond the house itself.

The Woods are a dense and somewhat confusing place to the uninitiated, but if you’re able to spot one of these landmarks through the trees or from where you spawn, you’ll have a better chance of finding your way out.

Woods Boss Locastion

Scav Boss Shturman Woods Location

If you’re walking through the woods on approach to the logging camp, you may occasionally hear a rapid three round burst of a rifle. More experienced players may recognize the sound as an SVD, indicating the presence of the Woods Scav boss, Shturman. If you approach without caution, chances are he’ll put a bullet right between your eyes.

If he does spawn, Shturman likes to hang around three places. The first is the road that sits on the ridge to the west of the Logging Camp. There is a truck here that he tends to hang around.

The second location is still on the ridge, towards the Log Piles at the fork in the road. If he’s here he’ll be able to duck behind cover if you take shots at him, so make sure to hit him with the first shot.

The final location is the area of the warehouses. This is a much wider area that he likes to sit in, as he could be in either the Blue Warehouse or the Skeleton warehouse. He also occasionally likes to run around the middle near the wood piles at the center of the Logging Camp.

He always has two heavily armored guards with him, both of which tend to use high powered weapons such as the OP-SKS. They can take you out just as easily as Shturman himself, so don’t get too confident if you’ve managed to eliminate him alone.

On Shturman’s body you’ll find a Labs Access Card, and a single use key. The key can be used to open the toolbox sitting next to a woodpile at the center of the camp, or can be sold for around 200k roubles to the Therapist. Both Shturman and his stash can have Red Rebel Ice Picks, so make sure to at least check his scabbard slot.

Your best option to eliminate Shturman is to hang back with a scoped rifle and headshot him, as He and his guards can take you down in very few shots. Be careful, as engagements with him will likely be followed up by other players that are also gunning for his loot.

Woods Stash Locations

The last thing to keep in mind is the location of stashes on the map. There aren’t very many and they’re all very far apart, so you shouldn’t always try to find them on every run.

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Escape from Tarkov Woods Map Extraction Points


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