Escape from Tarkov: Where to find Gas Analyzers


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Two of the early quests that the Therapist has you doing in Escape from Tarkov is retrieving a number of Gas Analyzers for her. This along with the requirement for upgrading your Intelligence Center gives some value to this specific junk item. So, where do you get them?

Escape from Tarkov: Where to find Gas Analyzers

Gas Analyzers Spawns in Containers

The easiest way to find a Gas Analyzer in any map is to just search through some containers. Here’s a list of the containers that can spawn Gas Analyzers.

  • Jackets
  • Hidden Stashes
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Sport Bags
  • Toolboxes
  • Technical Supply Crates (Reserves)
where to find gas analyzers in escape from tarkov

You can also find Gas Analyzers sitting on shelves in some maps, and on the bodies of Scavs that you may end up taking out.

In experience, the best way to find some Gas Analyzers is to learn the locations of the Stashes on a map such as Customs, and look through them every time you play on the map if possible.

Gas Analyzers Spawns on Interchange

Interchange is a great place to look for many junk items, and as such that means that Gas Analyzers should be there somewhere.

Here are the locations that you might find some on the map.

  • Inside the OLI store
  • Inside the Techlight Store
  • Inside the Power Plant
  • In the office warehouse area in IDEA

If you look in the OLI, IDEA or Techlight stores, you might just find a Gas Analyzer sitting on a shelf somewhere, but you might have to do some looking.

You could look in the power plant, but it tends to be a place where players end up spawning near and sometimes fighting near, so you might just miss out on loot if you don’t get yourself into a gunfight.

Interchange is a smaller map, so you might just end up getting yourself killed if you linger for too long, or stand in the wrong place.

Gas Analyzers Spawns on Factory

If you have the key to the pumping station, you might occasionally find a Gas Analyzer sitting on the table inside.

If you are looking for a quick loot farm and you don’t care too much for run throughs, then you can run in here and maybe find one.

With this information, you should be able to find a few Gas Analyzers for your quests, or for giving you a bit of a boost in cash. Good Luck out there in the city of Tarkov.

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