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Every PMC has a number of skills, each providing a number of benefits to their abilities such as increasing carry weight, reducing stamina usage, and reducing weapon recoil. As you level up these skills, the benefits increase until you level the skill to elite level, capping out the benefits and giving you a more powerful bonus.

Escape from Tarkov: Leveling your Strength Skill

Effects of Strength

The Strength skill of your PMC influences anything that might be affected by your muscles, things such as maximum carry weight, melee damage, and grenade throw distance. Here is a full list of the effects of the skill.

  • Aiming drains less stamina
  • Increases jump height
  • Increases carrying weight
  • Increases melee strike power
  • Increases movement and sprint speed
  • Increases throw distance

When you manage to get the skill to level 51, or Elite Level, you gain two more Elite bonuses.

  • Weight of guns on your back and sling is not counted towards your max carry weight
  • Chance to do critical melee damage (50% chance)

A number of these effects are extremely beneficial to you during raids, such as the movement speed, the throw distance, and the carrying weight increases. This should be one of the skills that you want to focus on leveling during your gameplay, as having a Strength Skill at level 2 is also required for you to upgrade your Vents in your Hideout to Level 3.

How to Level Your Strength

If there hasn’t been some new glitch or cheese method uploaded to Reddit so that you can power level your strength skill in an hour, then you’ll need to do it the hard way.

The actions that give you experience for Strength are as follows:

  • Throwing grenades
  • Hitting melee attacks
  • Walking or sprinting while carrying more than 65% of your carry weight.

For throwing grenades and hitting melee attacks, there is a cap of 3 skill experience points that can be gained in every raid, but for carrying more than 65% of your weight limit there is no limit per raid.

You could theoretically run around with a sword while throwing grenades like a madman and carrying 60 kilograms of assorted junk in every raid you do, but that is most likely less than helpful if you’re actually trying to survive in raids.

If you’re playing normally and getting yourself out of raids with a decent amount of loot, then you might level your skill gradually, but the most effective way of gaining experience is to just throw grenades and run around with stuff in your bag.

Throwing 14 grenades in a raid will give you 2.3 experience points total, the first 7 giving you 1.3 skill points, and the next 7 giving you 1.0.

Meanwhile, for every kilometer you run you gain a decent amount of skill points. The first and second kilometer ran giving you 1.3 and 1.0 skill points respectively. Every kilometer ran after the first two will give you 0.5 skill points, which is much better than the others, as there isn’t a cap to the amount you can gain from this method in a raid.

So go and get swole. Good luck out there in the city of Tarkov.

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