How to play Escape From Tarkov with friends?


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Escape From Tarkov is a tense game, and many people go at it alone. But where EFT really shines is when you have a buddy or four to back you up. But, like all things, it isn’t just that simple. Here we’re going to talk about everything you need to know to play with friends in Escape From Tarkov.

How to play Escape From Tarkov with friends?

Inviting Friends in Escape From Tarkov

The First thing you’ll need to know is how to invite one another to a party. This can be done from the raid menu after setting up your character and selecting a map. After insuring your gear and just before hitting the “ready” button, you’ll see a list of all the players looking to raid on the same map you’ve selected. Just find up to four of your friends here and click on them to send an invite.

playing with friends eft
How to play Escape From Tarkov with Friends

Now as party members you’ll spawn in roughly the same area but you’ll still need to look for one another as there are no name tags, and you’ll need to be careful too since party members still take full damage from teammates.

And that’s it, technically you’re all set to play with your friends. But playing with a party in EFT isn’t nearly that simple and the absolute chaos of just one party-on-party fight will make you understand that.


Be it TeamSpeak, Discord, or Skype, you need your entire squad in a voice chat. Have clear names for one another and clear callouts for when you’re moving. Once you’ve learned the maps, giving positional callouts can allow you to spread out more, but when your team is still learning you’ll want to stick close together.

Working as a team in EFT requires massive amounts of communication. You have no minimap to tell you where people are, no name tags and nothing to even tell you if your teammates have died. Larger teams only compound this issue because now you have 3 or 4 different friends that look just like the enemy.

What are ways to identify friends in EFT?

Tarkov doesn’t give you any way to identify friends vs foes and while good communication and tight positioning can minimize the amount of friendly-fire, being able to visually identify your friends will help to avoid it altogether.

Luckily, Ragman has your back.

identify friends armbands

Matching armbands, helmets, and bags can go a long way to helping you know who’s who. Once you’ve leveled up and increased your rep with Ragman a bit, he also offers some options for character customization.

Like all things, money can only compliment your skills in Tarkov. These changes will help, but you’ll still need decent trigger discipline and communication to avoid dropping your friends.


As of writing this, the EFT team has confirmed that we’ll be getting co-op offline games soon. If this is available to you, use it. Play against scavs and get familiar with communicating and using squad tactics.

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