Escape from Tarkov Woods Map Extraction Points


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Its easy to get turned around in Tarkov while making your way to extraction, especially if everything looks the same.

Escape from Tarkov Woods Map Extraction Points

Here’s a list of all the places you can use to make your escape on the Woods Map.

Escape From Tarkov Woods Extraction Point – Locations

Both PMC and Scav

UN Roadblock/Outskirts

The main extraction for Woods, one on either side of the map.

For the western side is the UN Roadblock, just directly at the end of the road on that side.

main road

On the eastern side is the Outskirts extraction. It is a large enough area to simply wander into if you can’t safely follow the road to the end. As long as you’re close enough to the north eastern wall, you’ll likely hit the extract location.

eastern side outskirts

RUAF Roadblock

On the northwestern side, closer to the shore of the lake, is a fork in the road. Following the long path will take you to the UN Roadblock, and the short path leads directly to another road gate. This extraction is only available when there is a green flare nearby.

ruaf roadblock

South V-Ex

Another vehicle extract like the one on Customs. It works for all players, when it is available, but requires a small fee of 3000 Roubles to get yourself out. Be careful, as the extraction takes a full minute before it allows you to leave.

The moment the first person hands the money over, the timer begins. Luckily, there are a number of large bushes to hide in nearby, but the risk is still quite high.

south v


The Bunker close to the wall on the eastern side, requiring a key to open. While it is available to both PMCs and Scavs, it’s unlikely you’ll end up with the required key in your inventory as a Scav. Only available if a green flare is on the ground.

zb 014 bunker

Factory Gate

Only mentioned because it exists. As an extract requiring both a PMC and a player Scav to not shoot each other on sight, the likelihood of you actually using this extraction is almost nil.

factory gate

EFT Woods PMC Only Extraction Points

Cliff Descent

Located near Lookout Rock on the southern end of the map, this extract requires you to have a Red Rebel Ice Pick and a Paracord in your inventory. Additionally you can’t extract if you’re wearing an armored vest, so you’ll either have to drop it or just bring an armored carrier rig.

This is usually the safest way out of the Woods, if you have the tools to get out.

cliff descent


Like the other bunker extract, ZB-016 is only open when green flares are around the area. Unlike ZB-104 however, this bunker does not require a key to reach the extract.

zb 016

EFT Woods Scav Only Extraction Points

Outskirts Water

Near to the Outskirts extract, but closer to the shore. A slightly closer alternative to the Outskirts extract if you get this as an option.

Outskirts Water

Scav House

Entering the Scav house is another extract. As there is cover from all sides this is usually pretty safe, if you haven’t gotten the aggro of the Scavs outside the house.

Scav House

East Gate

Near the checkpoint on the eastern side of the map is a fork in the road. One fork leads out to a gate with some crosshairs painted on them. This location is the third extract on this side of the map.

east gate

Dead Man’s Place/The Boat:

the boat

If you follow the eastern shore of the Lake, you’ll come across a small dock with a number of rocks just beyond it. The dock is the location of the Boat extraction, and just beyond on the other side of the rocks is the Dead Man’s Place extraction.

the boat dead man place

Mountain Stash

In the same place as the Cliff Descent extraction for PMCs is an extraction for Scavs. Luckily this doesn’t require the Scav to also meet the same requirements for the PMC extract.

mountain stash

West Border

If you follow the map’s border wall, heading westward, you’ll find a part in the wall that isn’t quite connected to the rest of the border wall, and is inside the map. This is the location of the West Border extraction.

west border

Old Station

The last Scav extract on the list. Located on the western edge of the map, a short distance away from the UN Checkpoint.

old station

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