Forza Horizon 4: The Fastest Winter Supercar


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Forza Horizon 4’s Winter races are some of the most challenging events in the game. Because of how snow and ice affect handling in Forza Horizon 4, many of the races you are so used to winning back in Autumn can prove to be quite difficult in the Winter. Cars tend to have less overall grip and slip more in the Winter season, which forces drivers to slow down to maintain road contact.

Forza Horizon 4: The Fastest Winter Supercar

Rear-wheel-drive cars will have the most difficult time in the Winter because they only have two driven wheels located at the rear of the car. Any abrupt or sudden change in acceleration or steering input can cause any of the four wheels to give up grip.

It is no secret that All-wheel-drive cars (Abbreviated as AWD) have the most stable drivetrains in any motorsport in terms of overall grip. Common sense would also tell us that having four-driven wheels will always be better than two.

In the Winter, having more wheels clawing for grip at the same time can definitely help your car hold its line better.

The Four Legged Lizard

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The Nissan GTR R35 is the first car in Nissan’s revered halo car to forgo the legendary Skyline name. However, it does retain everything that made the original monsters, the R32 and R33, so successful in their time.

The secret sauce lies within the intelligent ATTESA-ETS all-wheel-drive system that has powered the GTR name for decades. The new R35 GTR takes AWD to a whole new level through the use of a super-fast computer that continuously checks system parameters to give the car the maximum amount of grip in any situation.

The system is so good that reviewers often note that the GTR almost feels like it is driving itself; the GTR constantly adjusts power output to any of the driven wheels to give the driver grip in almost any road condition.

The Nissan GTR in Forza Horizon 4

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Before getting our hands on Forza Horizon 4, we have played with more serious racing simulator games such as Assetto Corsa. Despite this, we were surprised to find out that the overall basic behavior of the GTR in FH4 is more or less similar to how it behaves in AC.

The Nissan GTR in Forza Horizon 4 feels heavy. However, it manages to hide all of that heft through its powerful twin-turbocharged V6, which effortlessly propels the car to triple-digit speeds in less than five seconds. Handling feels a little lethargic, but the car feels very planted. 

The GTR understeers for a bit during corner entry, but mid-corner control is superb, and the corner-exit grip is mindblowing.

In the Winter, all of the characteristics that make the GTR great helps it outshine the rest of the competition; it makes quick work of slippery road races in the Winter Road Racing Series or just about any race in the Winter season. The entire car feels very stable and forgiving. It never gives up grip in the snow, whereas RWD cars would have already hit a tree.

Old But Gold

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If you’re still quite new to Forza Horizon 4, you might want to give the Nissan GTR a spin. It is one of the oldest supercars of its generation, but because of how technically impressive this whole package is, it still manages to stick around and even beat out some of the more recent supercars in the business.

The same is still true even in a sim-cade like Forza Horizon 4. It seems like the GTR manages to win regardless of where you place it.

Well, it is called Godzilla for a reason.

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