How To Get More Wheelspins in Forza Horizon 5


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For every win in Forza Horizon 5, players are rewarded with a free “Wheelspin” No, not traction-related Wheelspin, but a free roulette spin where players can win all sorts of in-game items.

How To Get More Wheelspins in Forza Horizon 5

Wheelspins are the easiest way to score some extra in-game credits as well as free cars. Since wheelspins are purely random, the more wheelspin chances you have, the more opportunities you have to win.

Today we look at how players can earn more wheelspins in-game. Let’s get started!

Wheelspin Rewards

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Multiple types of rewards await players through the Wheelspin. The prizes are unique for each Wheelspin, which means that if you are trying to win a certain car through the Wheelspin (the cover car, Mercedes AMG Project-One is one of the cars you can win from the Wheelspin), then you will have to gather as many wheelspin chances as possible.

In-game credits, cars, emotes, clothing, and horns are just some of the many types of prizes you can win from the Wheelspin.

Race More, Win More.

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As we mentioned before, wheelspins are usually awarded after a race you win. With this in mind, we have to find a race event that is relatively easy to win consistently.

One race event that is easy to win with the right car is the Rivals event. The Rivals event is a time-attack-based event where players fight for position on the in-game leaderboards. The Rivals event is great to spam because you can quickly beat out one player from the leaderboard and then move on to the next player.

In the right car with the correct setup, you can pretty much climb your way through the leaderboards without any sweat and win multiple races one after another. And, because you need to be winning races to be rewarded with free wheelspins, the Rivals event will be a great way of quickly amassing wins to get more wheelspins.

Best Rivals Race for Wheelspins

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The Bahia de Plano Circuit is probably the best circuit to spam the Rivals event on. The circuit is composed of multiple high-speed corners and a few hard braking zones. This means that the map is pretty easy to drive fast in very quickly.

The Circuit is located towards the top left corner of the map. The race is a Circuit Clean Time race which means that the game only records your best lap without any major collisions during the race.

You will be racing against players with the closest time to your current best lap time. The faster your lap times become, the higher up the leaderboards you will be placed.

As we mentioned before, you will need the right car for the job. We suggest you use your best car with the best aero and downforce since most of the circuit’s sections are high-speed flat-out corners.

The Best Things In-game Are Free

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Wheelspins are a great way to gather as many credits, cars, and other in-game items as possible for free. If you are a competitive racer by heart, you might not even notice the number of credits and free cars you have already amassed using this method, as you will be busy trying to outrun the next fast guy on the Rivals Leaderboard.

We have gathered almost two million credits just from playing the Rivals Event on the Bahia De Plano Circuit in less than five hours. That is more than you will ever make in the same time frame from racing normal events around the map.

If you like free stuff as we do, go ahead and try this neat little hack. You will be swimming in credits and free cars in no time. Unless you are unlucky, then you will be swimming in a pool of useless, and cringe-worthy emotes instead. Yikes!

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