Forza Horizon 5 Will Have Car Sounds Improved



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Forza Horizon franchise has sky-rocketed in popularity over the years. Now, it’s no secret that the game has found its way to the hearts of many racing game fans out there. Over the years though, while it has been the subject of so much praise, it was bombarded with criticism as well. Particularly for the game sounds. However, with Forza Horizon 5 on the horizon, anticipation is building up and it seems that the developers will have the car sounds improved!

Forza Horizon 5 Will Have Car Sounds Improved

Car Sounds Improved in Forza Horizon 5

I’ve got to be honest, for me Forza Horizon has always been an arcade-type racer. Just by saying that I know that I’m opening the flood gates for criticism towards me as well, but the point I’m trying to make is that Forza Horizon hasn’t tried to be anything else than what it already was.

Realism isn’t this game’s forte, however, with so many new details being shared at the moment with the announcement of the newest installment- Forza Horizon 5, it seems like it might.

Among the biggest talking points in the community at the moment though, is the improvement of the car sounds.

While they may have sounded good enough for some with previous installments, many found them to be bland, and not anywhere close to the real thing.

Alan Walsh has this to say about Forza Horizon 5 car sounds:

While Turn 10 Studios don’t elaborate much on the topic, they state that they have “invested significantly in car sounds”.

To me, this statement isn’t quite telling on the quality of sounds we should expect in Forza Horizon 5. Sure, it can serve as evidence that the developers are focused specifically on car sounds, but until the game gets released or we game some form of playable experience, it is quite hard to tell whether the sounds will be finally improved.

For now, we just must sit tight and wait patiently for the newest installment in the Forza Horizon franchise. Are you excited too?

Make sure to come back to Caffeinated Gamer soon, as we might have more news on Forza Horizon 5’s car sounds!

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