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Film Notes is a world quest series in Genshin Impact that occurs in Inazuma and involves the NPC named Xavier. This outlander from Fontaine is starting a new film project after completing the previous one you helped him with. What might be the theme and story of this new film? What learnings will Xavier gain along the way?

Genshin Impact: Film Notes Quest Guide

Sub-Quests and Other Contents

This quest series includes two sub-quests, and this article will walk you through both world quests. You can click on the sub-quest title below to jump to that section for easy navigation.

How to Unlock

To unlock this quest series, you need to have completed the quest series Tatara Tales and a world quest called “The Seventh Samurai,” which is the first mission where you help Xavier with his venture as a filmmaker.

Quest Location

Xavier is the main NPC for this quest, and the shooting of the film still takes place on the island east of Inazuma City. However, to find him, you must go to the Kamisato Estate and talk to Furuta.

outlander brigade 001

She will have the exclamation mark above her head, indicating that a world quest is available. Talking to her will start the quest, telling you where to find Xavier.

“Outlander Brigade”

“Outlander Brigade” is the first world quest of this chain of quests related to Xavier’s filmmaking journey in Inazuma. He adapted a story from an infamous author and has secured funding from one of Inazauma’s Tri-Commission, as well as the go signal to proceed with the project.

Quest Steps

Step 1: Talk to Furuta

Furuta is in the Kamisato Estate, which is in the northern part of Narukami Island.

After greeting you, Furuta shares how she has become increasingly puzzled by what the younger folks are interested in. She says a young man from Fontaine came to the Yashiro Commission, saying that he was making a “film,” and chatting on and on with the master of the house.

outlander brigade 002

With how Furuta described the way that the young fellow talks, you can tell that she is talking about Xavier. Furuta shared that it seems like Xavier had received funds from the Tenryou Commission and finally managed to make a film, but the commission wasn’t satisfied with the result. He wanted to stick with it, so he came to the Yashiro Commission, the commission in charge of the humanities and arts, for help.

Furuta did not expect the Kamisato Ayato to agree to this, let alone to send Koharu to help. She then asks if this film is so interesting because this thing is all completely beyond her. The old butler is worried about Koharu, saying she can tell that the young lady isn’t too fond of jabbering outlanders.

She said Koharu has always strictly obeyed the commands of the master and lady of the house and would never deliberately disobey an order, but that child lacks training and composure. She sees Xavier as someone a bit too unreserved. If he ruffles Koharu’s feathers and she can’t restrain herself again, there’ll be trouble.

Since you know Xavier and you have earned the trust of the entire house of the Kamisato Clan, Furuta now asks you to go see how that film is coming along. She said she seems to recall that your filmmaker friend took a group of people to an island south of here.

Step 2: Look for Xavier.

Again, Xavier is busy shooting a new film on the island east of Inazuma City. You can travel to the teleport waypoint nearest to Tenshukaku and glide your way down to the island.

outlander brigade 003

Step 3: Approach Xavier and the other people.

As you get near the group, you hear that they are arguing, so you check on them to find out what is happening.

Xavier is not satisfied with the way the two actors are saying their lines and their acting in general. He thinks that Koharu’s performance was completely passionless and wants her to be more patient and use her voice to express the rich emotion needed for the scene.

outlander brigade 004

When Sasano, one of the actors, asked who the famous scriptwriter was, Xavier revealed that he adapted the story was adapted from a novel written by the renowned author Kayabuki Ikkei. Sasano, however, said that Kayabuki Ikkei started publishing his novels without selling one copy after his submissions were rejected by the Yae Publishing House.

Before things get any worse, you step in and ask the group to calm down.

outlander brigade 005

Xavier is glad to see you and shares the news that following “The Seventh Samurai,” he finally came up with a way to secure the necessary resources to shoot another film. The lead role hasn’t been decided yet, but thanks to the Lord Kamisato’s generosity, the funds, props, and nearly all the other early-stage problems have already been taken care of.

Your filmmaker friend is now asking you to play the male lead role in this current project, which you gladly accept. Xavier then hands you the scripts for the next two scenes. Your scenes are Act I, Scene II and III, and the specific lines you need to remember are highlighted in blue texts.

Seeing you, a well-respected traveler by the people of Inazuma, Sasano, and Koharu decides to give it one more try.

Step 4: Review the script.

Xavier asks you to review the script and talk to him again whenever you are ready to play the role. Remember that the highlighted lines in Act I Scene II are the ones you should remember.

“Outlander Brigade: When the Wind of Death Blew Towards the Blond Samurai” Script


Outside in the quiet countryside.

In the verdant wilds of Narukami, Haru and Sasano stand back to back, each speaking with their eyes closed.

Sasano: The wind is coming.

Haru: Where from?

Sasano: Don’t worry about where it’s coming from, all you need to know is that it’s coming for them.

Haru: Where are they?

Sasano: That outlander? They’re already walking the path to death.

Sasano opens his eyes, then walks into the distance holding Haru’s hand.

Act I, Scene II

Outside in the quiet countryside.

The outlander and the two are besieged by the enemy. After escaping with great difficulty, they arrive in the countryside, wounded. (The outlander isn’t bleeding)

Sasano: This won’t do. If this continues, we won’t have a chance against them.

Haru: We’ll have to sacrifice ourselves.

The two rush out of the frame.

Outlander: How did this happen?

The outlander wears a pained expression, but soon makes up their mind again.

Outlander: But I won’t lose like this. (Close-Up)

Outlander: Don’t underestimate my resolve! (Super close-Up)

The outlander turns and walks back towards the enemy ranks as the screen fades to black. Next scene.

Act I, Scene III

Outdoors, the enemy stronghold.

After making up their mind, the outlander cuts their way to the enemy stronghold.

Haru: (Desperately) Don’t worry about us!

Sasano: (Impatiently and loudly) Hurry, go on without us!

The outlander spins around, continuously swinging their weapon. Through this endless rotation, this warrior becomes a golden whirlwind! The golden whirlwind’s endless attacks suffer pain immeasurably worse than that of tooth decay! The golden whirlwind rapidly flings all enemies on screen into the distance, where they land hard on the ground!

The outlander finally reaches the imprisoned Sasano and Haru, freeing them.

Step 4: Talk to Xavier to begin the shoot.

As the three of you are acting out the script, Sasano still looks very bothered and thinks that the lines are so awkward.

The image below shows the part where you need to say your line. Choosing the wrong line will have Xavier cut the scene, and you need to start all over again.

outlander brigade 008 1

After your part, Xavier will complete your scene and tell Sasano and Koharu to go over the script again because the next scene is between the two of them. Xavier wants them to do better this time. For your parts, the next one will have a lot of battle scenes, so he asks you to try using the flashiest moves you can.

Step 5: Complete the “Act I. Scene II” film.

This time, you will shoot the battle scene of Xavier’s film.

You have to complete a mini-timed challenge where you need to fulfill certain requirements within the set time limit.

The tasks needed to finish the “film” are:

  1. Follow the signs – These are the rings with a crystal arrow on their center, which indicates a spot you need to step on to.outlander brigade 010
  2. Defeat “Bandits” – There will be a total of five enemies that you need to defeat here. Two will appear in the first two areas and one in the last.outlander brigade 011
  3. Rescue 2 people – Sasano and Koharu are kept in wooden cages, and you must release them both.outlander brigade 012

Step 6: Talk to Xavier and the actors.

After completing the battle scene, the shoot will stop, and Xavier will express how disappointed he is with the performances of Sasano and Koharu. He said that the difference between the crude shots he got and a true film is like Mondstadt’s Dandelion Wine and Apple Cider – one is alcohol, one is not. That they simply aren’t the same.

Xavier starts scolding the two actors because they can’t remember their lines, that their readings are all over the place, and that they are not giving him any emotion. Sasano and Koharu said sorry and expressed how they no longer plan on continuing taking part in this film.

outlander brigade 009

When Xavier suggested a few more rehearsals to fix their performances, the two said that even if they practiced a hundred times, they still would not understand what the script was about. Sasano questioned why their characters would suddenly sacrifice themselves and run off to where the enemy is, dragging the main character down. Things in the script just don’t make sense to them. He also added that the lines at the end are so awkward he feels embarrassed just reading them.

outlander brigade 013

As the two actors left, Xavier felt devastated and apologized to you because your efforts will now go to waste. Xavier is lost for words and says he will go to Uyuu Restaurant for a moment. He needs to be alone for now but promised you would talk about this matter the next time you meet.

Step 7: Go to Uyuu Restaurant and look for Xavier.

Xavier said he is going to Uyuu Restaurant, so you should be able to find him there.

outlander brigade 014

When you got inside, you found your friend drunk and reeking of booze. He drowned himself in liquor because he was madly questioned when you were filming, and that made him think he’s probably not that talented.

Xavier shared that the film he worked so hard on before was not well-received by the higher-ups at the Tenryou Commission. They didn’t come out and say it, but they were silent, which means they didn’t approve. Xavier refused to accept it and tried to find another way, so he was able to get funding from Lord Kamisato of the Yashiro Commission to make the film.

outlander brigade 015

The filmmaker then reveals that he is an engineer but thinks he can be more than that. He said he had read lots of books and that he could write stuff. So he firmly believes he could be a film writer, an actor, and a director. He is so happy that you believe him, so he treats you to a meal.

Step 8: Talk to the restaurant owner.

After taking most of the meal Xavier ordered, you chatted with the owner of Uyuu Restaurant, Okazaki Rikuto. He hears your talk about the film and finds it interesting, so he asked Xavier if he could tell him more about it. Based on your story, Okazaki Rikuto is impressed that the outlander in the story has the resolve to stand up and fight when things get tough. But he thinks there is so little thought or hesitation involved that this character barely seems human.

outlander brigade 016

Okazaki Rikuto believes that the character’s daring quality of just charging when they meet an enemy they can’t beat is rather frightening. He then goes on to ask Xavier if he has experienced such a life-threatening situation before.

Xavier answered that he had never experienced something as “life-threatening,” He then asked if having an identical experience is strictly necessary for writing a good story. Mr. Okazaki is moved by Xavier’s dedication to film and can’t help but be reminded of a story he once heard.

Step 9: Listen to Okazaki Rikuto’s story.

As you continue eating, you listen to Okazaki Rikuto tell the story of a man named Seishimaru.

The Legend of Seishimaru

Long, long ago, there lived someone named Seshimaru.

Seishimaru was born to samurai parents who worked for powerful people. Well, they weren’t very powerful themselves, but they weren’t too bad either. But these parents seemingly made a strange error in their work, incurring punishment and eventually submitting to their execution.

Unable to accept their deaths, Seishimaru toiled to find the samurai family that carried out the sentence. Truth be told, the responsible party did everything by the book, and the family serving the executioner normally shouldn’t have been blamed for the sentence they were ordered to carry out.

For the sake of storytelling, Mr. Okazaki will call the family responsible as the Wakayama Clan.

Blinded by hatred, Seishimaru decided to take revenge on the Wakayamas. But then, the person who had personally beheaded Seishimaru’s parents had already passed away, leaving the eldest son in charge of the Wakayama estate. This person happened to be Seishimaru’s childhood friend. But now, they have become enemies.

Before any action was taken, Seishimaru, supposedly remembering the old days, took out a Temari and a sword and let the eldest son of the Wakayama family choose between them. Mr. Okazaki is not sure what it meant but he thinks that the Temari and sword represented life and death respectively.

Having made the wrong choice, the Wakayama’s eldest son had no choice but to accept being pursued and slain by Seishimaru. What an ill-fated lad. But before Seishimaru could even come knocking at his door, an illness took him.

Dying of an illness and being killed both mean dying either way, so who knows which would have been better. It’s not hard not to blame Seishimaru for his death. If it weren’t for the former’s being bent on revenge, the latter wouldn’t have needed to lay low until he fell ill.

After that, the younger Wakayama child immediately sought vengeance. The cycle never ends, does it? Seishimaru was forced into hiding in the mountains before eventually disappearing. Some say Seishimaru fled in fear of the Wakayamas, while others say he let himself sink to the depths of the ocean to quench his burning hatred.

Whichever ending you wish to believe, no one ever saw Seishimaru again. To this day, such fretful matters as hate and shame should all have been flowed into the ley lines with Seishimaru’s death.

Since this whole dispute has lost its source, Mr. Okazaki suggests just taking, “and all was well again” to this story’s ending. After all, it’s a tale spread to many places, so vagueness is unavoidable.

You have heard tales like these before. Something awful will happen, and it doesn’t matter if it’s Mondstadt, Liyue, or Inazuma; it’s always the same wherever you go. There is nothing new under the sun. People always lose themselves due to the same old things. There probably are plenty of stories like this in Fontaine too.

Now, Okazaki Rikuto tells Xavier that he needs a story with an ending that leaves people wanting more.

outlander brigade 017

Xavier says he wouldn’t be surprised if the legend of Seishimaru took place in Fontaine. Especially one of the legend’s endings, the one where Seishimaru disappears to put an end to his hatred. That, to him, sounds just like what a friend of his from Sumeru would do.

He expressed his gratitude to Mr. Okazaki for his kindness and the nudge he gave the filmmaker, not just through the story. His Unique way of giving advice has given Xavier just the inspiration he needed. He believes he now knows what was missing from his film before. Xavier then promised that if he could write an even better script, he would return to offer his most solemn gratitude.

Step 10: leave Uyuu Restaurant and talk to Xavier.

You find Xavier talking to himself and hear him say that the story is quite complete, but it lacks some emotional turmoil. When he noticed you, he apologized for leaving you in the restaurant.

outlander brigade 018

Xavier thinks he can now write an all-new, presentable script and give this project one more shot. He believes it will work this time and will make it work. He asks you to allow him a little more time, but it will be tricky with Koahru and Sasano because they don’t seem keen on trying again.

After you assured your friend that you had forgiven him, he expressed how he felt much better now. He then asks you to meet him tomorrow at Komore Teahouse, and he will bring an even better script.

outlander brigade 019

Worried that the job is too much for Xavier, you and Paimon agreed to help him. You both decided to let Xavier work out the script by himself, and you two can help with the actor problem instead.


Mushounin is the second part of the Film Notes quest series, and this time, Xavier has regained the confidence to continue with his film. He asked for a day to work and improve the script, so you decided to give him space and help look for the actors.

Quest Steps

Step 1: Look for the two performers and talk to them.

The main actors of Xavier’s film have gone home after the recent events.

mushounin 001

You can find Sasano in the town center of Ritou, lost in his thoughts. When you approach to talk to him, he remembers you as the person from the screening and apologizes for giving the team a hard time when you were filming. Sasano is sorry for being picky in the past and causing Xavier Trouble. His most important person is also an outlander, so he understands how difficult it is for Xavier to be alone in a foreign land.

mushounin 002

When you tell him that you still need actors, Sasano excitedly asks to allow him to participate. He said he was called to take part in the shooting before, though he only paid the price of a meal, but the money that’s paid is paid, so he will finish what he started. And so you tell him to just go to Komore Teahouse.

Koharu can be found in the Yashiro Commission, and when she saw you, she apologized and asked if Xavier still needed an actress. She felt guilty that she left in a rage and failed her Master in her painstaking efforts to express concern and messing up the quest given by the head of the family. She felt that she had disgraced the Yashiro Commission.

mushounin 003

Furuta reprimanded Koharu, which reminded her of the vow she made to the head of the family and to the Kamisato Clan that she would never do anything detrimental to the name of the Kamisato Clan in a fit of pique. Koharu admits that she was too reckless and indolent, and as a servant of the Kamisato Clan, she was very much out of line.

Koharu is glad to know that she can still make up for her mistakes, so you tell her to just go to Komore Teahouse to meet Xavier and everyone for the film project.

Step 2: Wait until evening (08:00 – 20:00)

Open the game menu and adjust the in-game time to somewhere between 8 am and 8 pm of the following day.

Step 3: Go to Komore Teahouse.

After giving Xavier ample time to work on the script, and after you talked to Sasano and Koharu, it is time to meet them at Komore Teahouse to talk through the next plan for the project.

mushounin 004

Step 4: Talk to Xavier.

You find the three inside already discussing the scenes and the lines of the new script, as well as how they should be executed.

Sasano has much longer lines in one scene and was told he must memorize them well and not make any mistakes. Although he thought he would end up struggling with the previous script, he was surprised to find out that Xavier had written a new one in just one day.

Koharu’s part required a very emotional performance and was expected to portray a playful girl who sells tea. She assured Xavier that she had rehearsed the lines many times on her own after receiving the script, so she was pretty sure she could perform better than before.

mushounin 005

When he noticed you arrived, Xavier handed you the new script for you to read. The story is based on the legend of Seishimaru. Besides the Seishimaru and Wakayama characters, Xavier has added a new original character called Yano Machiko. Many details can be embellished and given more time, but Xavier thinks it’s already challenging to shoot all of it with his current ability.

Sasano and Kohatu are ready, and as for the set, Xavier decided to shoot the first scene in the Komore Teahouse. So, Thoma asked the owner for a favor, and fortunately, you could borrow a private room for the shooting.

Xavier gives you time to read the script and rehearse your parts. The important parts were marked to make it easy for you.

Step 5: Read the new script.

Review the script of “Mushounin” and take note of the highlighted texts, which are the lines you need to memorize for the role of Kurotani Seishimaru.

“Mushounin” Script – Act I

Cast: Kurotani Seishimaru (Traveler), Wakayama Keisuke (Sasano), Yano Machiko (Koharu)

Inside a restaurant that Seishimaru and Keisuke frequent.

Wakayama Keisuke: It’s been a while, Seishimaru.

Wakayama Keisuke: I’ve heard that you’re in charge of the Kurotani Clans affairs now.

Wakayama Keisuke: Looks like the dust has settled since that incident.

Wakayama Keisuke: Lord and Lady Kurotani are gone…

Wakayama Keisuke: But you’re taking up the mantle as their eldest son to continue to serve the public.

Wakayama Keisuke: I’m sure they would be pleased.

Kurotani Seishimau: Can the dust settle before vengeance is had?

Wakayama Keisuke: You? You want to take revenge?

Wakayama Keisuke: We’re not children anymore, how can you still be just as impulsive as you were back then?

Wakayama Keisuke: *sigh* With Lord Kurotani’s abilities, the investigation never should have gone as wrong as it did.

Wakayama Keisuke: But he said himself that he was willing to accept the blame and punishment.

Wakayama Keisuke: The punishment from the great lords was indeed harsh…

Wakayama Keisuke: But Lord Kurotani asked for it himself. I fear that there is still much left unsaid here.

Wakayama Keisuke: Kurotani and Wakayama are both reputable clans.

Wakayama Keisuke: You now carry the clan name. You’re samurai in service of the public, not some wandering Nobushi ronin.

Wakayama Keisuke: So no matter how angry you are, you must be patient right now. You mustn’t seek revenge.

Kurotani Seishimaru: They’ve been mighty pleased with themselves since my father’s death.

Wakayama Keisuke: That’s your anger clouding your judgment. They didn’t necessarily have anything to do with it. Calm down!

Seishhimaru looks out the door.

Kurotani Seishimaru: Whoever’s eavesdropping outside, come on in.

Wakayama Keisuke: Who are you? Who sent you to listen in on our conversation?

Machiko shows herself.

Yano Machiko: M—My apologies, good samurai, I—I’m just a tea seller, and my name is Machiko.

Yano Machiko: It wasn’t my intention to eavesdrop.

Yano Machiko: Seishimaru saved my life yesterday, and he didn’t ask for rice or money.

Yano Machiko: I just wanted to repay him and then go back to selling tea. I didn’t mean any offense, honest!

Keisuike looks at Seishimaru. Seishimaru nods.

Wakayama Keisuke: You… Forget it, it’s to be expected that a mere tea vendor wouldn’t know proper etiquette.

Wakayama Keisuke: Still, remember to address him as “Master Kurotani” from now on.

Wakayama Keisuke: You know right? This is quite opportune. The Kurotani Clan needs people, after all.

Wakayama Keisuke: Why don’t you stop selling tea and go with Master Kurotani?

Yano Machiko: I don’t wish to call him Master Kurotani. Seishimaru has a better ring to it.

Yano Machiko: And well, if I can get my fill of food, then sure! I’ll follow Seishimaru.

Wakayama Keisuke: …Do whatever you like. Seishimaru, Lord Kurotani is gone…

Wakayama Keisuke: you’re in charge of things now. Don’t do anything foolish.

Wakayama Keisuke: If you let your temper get the better of you… *sigh* Anyway, what’s important is that your family name continues.

Kurotani Seishimaru: It wasn’t your adoptive parents who died.

Wakayama Keisuke: …Seriously? Has anything I’ve said made it through that thick skull of yours?

Wakayama Keisuke: Let me ask you this. Will you really raise your blade against the great lords’ men without a care for your clan!?

Wakayama Keisuke: Do you really wish to bring shame to your lord and disaster upon your family?

Seishimaru remains silent.

Wakayama Keisuke: Oh, great. This is just great! So no one shall have peace until rage dissipates, yes?

Wakayama Keisuke: Will, since all my efforts to persuade you otherwise have been ineffective, then let me give you the truth straight out.

Wakayama Keisuke: Now, I’ve been the head of the Wakayama Clan since my father passed away.

Wakayama Keisuke: He served as Lord Kurotani’s executioner.

Wakayama Keisuke: I know very well that he wronged your family and did great hurt to its name.

Wakayama Keisuke: And the execution was a matter of business, yes. But you’re still my friend, and I still want to look after your family if at all possible…

Wakayama Keisuke: So, if you still want revenge, I fear I must say that my father is already dead.

Wakayama Keisuke: Come on then, punish me for his sins instead. I dare you.

Wakayama Keisuke: What? Are you hesitating because we are friends?

Wakayama Keisuke: Is that the extent of your resolve? Really? You can’t even cut ties with me!

Kurotani Seishimaru: Besides, is the good standing of the “Kurotani” name really more important than my parents’ lives?

Kurotani Seishimaru: Well, I’ll show you my resolve. Draw your weapon!

Kurotani Seishimaru: Put it and that Temari over there on the table.

Seishimaru closes his eyes.

Kurotani Seishimaru: If I point at your sword, then we must face each other in battle. If I point at the Temari, then we will sever all the bonds that lie between us.

Kurotani Seishimaru: Let us leave this to fate.

Wakayama Keisuke: Hmph, so be it. We’re all set.

The sword is on Seishimaru’s left and the Temari is on his right.

Eyes closed, Seishimaru points to the left and then opens his eyes.

Kurotani Seishimaru: It looks like our destiny has been decided. My life shall be devoted to vengeance. There shall be no rest till one of us is dead.

Wakayama Keisuke: Since you’ve made up your mind, then I must man up as well.

Wakayama Keisuke: I’ll carry everything I said before through to the end. I’ll be waiting for you.

Wakayama Keisuke leaves.

Step 6: Talk to Xavier and start filming.

After reading and rehearsing the script, talk to Xavier and tell him you are ready to shoot the film.

Make sure you take note of the highlighted text, which you will need to select later as the scenes progress. If you select the wrong lines or action, Xavier will cut the scene, and you need to do it over from the beginning.

mushounin 006

For the part where Wakayama Keisuke says, “I’m sure they would be pleased,” you should respond with, “Can the dust settle before vengeance is had?

mushounin 007

In the next part, where you need to say your lines, choose the option, “Whoever’s eavesdropping, come on in.

mushounin 008

When Wakayama Keisuke says, “Anyway, what’s important is that your family name continues,” choose to respond with “It wasn’t your adoptive parents who died.

mushounin 009

The last part you need to note is when Wakayama Keisuke and Kurotani Seishimaru need to select between the sword and the Temari. The correct action to choose in this part is “(Point to the left).”

Step 7: Wrap up the scene.

Xavier is pleased that everyone did a good job in the film’s first scene. Saano’s performance was full of power and conveyed the charisma of his character, Wakayama Keisuke. Yano Machiko was also well portrayed as lively and playful, just as Xavier envisioned.

But Koharu, curious about her character, suggested that since Wakayama Keisuke chose to let Seishimaru take revenge on him to make Seishimaru cool his temper, wouldn’t it be better if this character sounded gentler? She thinks that the current lines feel a little cruel.

mushounin 010

Xavier explained that he, too, considered making Keisuke a gentleman but eventually gave him this cold and stiff style. He then asked the actors if he should make more amendments, but Koharu just asked because she wanted to understand why the script was written that way.

The next scene will be shot on Nazuchi beach later this evening. You will be given time to prepare to get ready.

Step 8: Wait until evening (18:00 – 20:00) and go to Nazuchi Beach.

You can do other things and wait until a quest notification shows up to manually adjust the in-game time to somewhere between 6 pm and 8 pm.

mushounin 011

Once the time is set, head to Nazuchi Beach and meet up with the cast.

Step 9: Persuade the extras.

When you arrive at the agreed location, you find your friends talking to some Nobushi ronins.

mushounin 012

Yamada Hifumi, Tanaka, and Yamamoto are asking for payments from Xavier so that you can proceed with shooting the film. And despite Xavier’s explanation that he has applied in advance to the Yashiro Commission and that the filming is in full compliance with the Inazuman regulation, they still wouldn’t let the team continue without handing over some Mora.

mushounin 013

Xavier even offered them to be part of the cast for the next scene and you helped negotiate with the ronins. However, the talk still ended up in a fight, so you pursued the bandits to join the film by defeating them.

Step 10: Continue shooting the film.

After the fight, the Nuboshi ronins agreed to cooperate as extra actors for the film.

Now, the following scene does not have many lines for you, but it requires you to channel the vigor of your fighting self. Xavier shows you the script for you to review.

Step 11: Read Act II of the script.

“Mushounin” Script – Act II

Cast: Kurotani Seishinmaru (Traveler), Yano Machiko (Koharu), several Nobushi (extras)

Outside, in the overgrown wilderness.

A fight erupts between Seishimaru and the Nobushi, with the former ultimately emerging victorious.

Yamada Hifumi: I told you to get your coin pouch out, but you wouldn’t listen! Come, my brothers, get him!

Tanaka: Hehe, you asked for this.

Yamamato: This one’s kinda… tough, boss! I… I can’t beat him.

Yano Machiko: Master Seishimaru, master Seishimaru! I was just out buying onigiri, and you’re already in another fight?

Yano Machiko: If you need something, just give the order and I’ll do it. There’s no need for sword fights.

Yamada Hifumi: Have mercy, good samurai! We don’t want your money anymore, please forgive us!

Yano Machiko: Please, enough. You’d even save someone like me, who was caught stealing rice…

Yano Machiko: You’re not the sort of person who would so casually take a life.

Step 12: Talk to Xavier and finish filming the second act.

Once you have read the script and are ready to go, talk to Xavier to shoot the next scene.

This one will be the battle scene against the Nuboshi extras.

You will be given 2 minutes to complete the task:

  1. Do not leave the recording area of the Film Kamera – There will be a barrier of sorts around the specific area where the Kamera can take shots of the fight. You need to stay within it as you fulfill the other task.
  2. Defeat 3 Bandits – The Nobushi who agreed to be extras will act as enemies for the scene, and you have to defeat them all.mushounin 015
  3. Change positions 3 times – Certain spots in the area will be marked by a shining circle with an arrow on the certain. Step on these markings to complete this certain task.mushounin 014

After finishing the Act II scenes, the three extras hurriedly leave. Xavier is also satisfied with the performance and explains the details of the last scene. Which will be shot in a place with a cliff. He chose the small island to the east of Narukami Island, which he finds is a very suitable location and is the key to the whole script. He also wants to use the glow of the sunset as the backdrop.

mushounin 016

Since all of you have been shooting continuously for a long time, Xavier suggests you take time to rest and meet tomorrow evening at the designated location.

Step 13: Wait until the following evening (18:00 – 20:00) and go to the shooting location.

Adjust the in-game time to somewhere between 6 pm and 8 pm of the following day and teleport to Inazuma City.

mushounin 017

The exact location is the tall cliff east of Tenshukaku. You can glide from the city to get to the area.

Step 14: Listen to Xavier.

As you arrive, Xavier explains that the third act requires a little more from Sasano. He will play a new character, Wakayama Kojuurou, who is Wakayama Keisuke’s younger brother. Sasano assured you that he is mentally prepared but asks that you pull your punches for that second fight scene.

mushounin 018

Xavier then hands you the last part of the script to read and rehearse. Based on it, you need to jump off a cliff at the end, which you can fake by using your wind glider.

Step 15: Read Act III of the script.

“Mushounin” Script – Act III

Scene I

Cast: Kurotani Seishimaru (Traveler), Yano Machiko (Koharu), Wakayama Kojuurou (Sasano)

Outside, in the overgrown wilderness.

Yano Machiko: Master Seishimaru, I’ve found you someone from the Wakayama Clan.

Yano Machiko: But Master Keisuke is already… gone. Please, let this all go.

Wakayama Kojuurou: Hpmh. So, Kurotani, you must have come for revenge on my brother.

Wakayama Kojuurou: Now listen here. Keisuke worked himself to the bone day and night to settle the clan’s affairs this entire year…

Wakayama Kojuurou: And it was all because of your stupid agreement.

Kurotani Seishimaru: So he’s gone.

Wakayama Kojuurou: You’re a coward for placing sole blame on your father’s executioner!

Wakayama Kojuurou: And you won’t get your revenge now, no matter how much you want it.

Wakayama Kojuurou: You know why? That’s because our father’s already gone.

Wakayama Kojuurou: Kurotani, you didn’t have what it took to avenge your adoptive parents, and you wound up hurting Keisuke as well.

 Wakayama Kojuurou: You don’t deserve to be called a samurai.

Wakayama Kojuurou: Keisuke once said that executioners must be prepared to suffer retaliation.

Wakayama Kojuurou: If you can’t even stomach that, then you can forget about charging into battle and taking the lives of others.

Wakayama Kojuurou: Since Keisuke isn’t here anymore, then I, his younger brother Wakayama Kojuurou, am willing to take his place.

Kurotani Seisihimaru: I’m sorry, I…

Wakayama Kojuurou: It’s too late for you ro flee now. My brother died because of you, and I’ll never forgive you or let you go!

Kojuurou raises his spear, and Seishimaru has no choice but to fight him.

Scene II

Kojuurou fights Seishimaru as hard as he can, but Seishimau wins easily.

Wakayama Kojuurou: This is for Keisuke!

Yano Machiko: You’re unbelievable. Why are you fighting again? You’re both sensible adults, so why are you behaving like children?

Scene III

Kojuurou is defeated and exhausted.

Wakayama Kojuurou: As long as you don’t kill me, I’ll devote my life to seeking revenge, and I won’t rest until one of us is dead.

Korutani Seishimaru: I said the same thing once before.

Yano Machiko: Well, it’s fortunate that no one died. Just give it a rest, both of you!

Yano Machiko: Look at this fuss you’re both making…

Yano Machiko: Clan this, revenge that – what about these vague notions is worth all this trouble anyway?

Yano Machiko: Look, I just sell tea. AS long as I can eat my fill, I’m happy. I couldn’t care less what my last name is!

Yano Machiko: I don’t have much of a way with words…

Yano Machiko: But rain falls into the lake, the lake water evaporates, and rain falls from the sky again.

Yano Machiko: Even if that rain water freezes, it will become sweet tea if you heat it over a stove.

Yano Machiko: Who care whether the tea you were served came from the sky, the lake, or the pot>

Yano Machiko: Um… This might sound like sophistry, I know. But I’m telling you both to stop this fighting now and so you can go home to eat.

Kurotani Seishimaru: I really like you, Machiko.

Yano Machiko: Huh? Why would you say that at a time like this? You’re embarrassing me…

Yano Machiko: Good grief… Well, I’ll just assume you won’t fight with Sir Wakayama anymore, then.

Yano Machiko: Turn back, he can’t move right now anyway.

Kurotani Seishimaru: Since my life is like rain and my death is like tea, both are like water. There is no point clinging on to things like this.

Yano Machiko: Yes, that’s right, good!

Kurotani Seishimaru: If rains from the heavens can save the earth from calamity, then surely I can too, right?

Seishimaruu jumps from the cliff.

Yano Machiko: Master!

Wakayama Kojuurou: Kurotani!

Ending Image: A Temari by the cliff.

The End.

Step 16: Shoot the final act of the film.

Remember that you should have memorized the highlighted lines of the script.

mushounin 019

In the scene where Wakayama Kojuurou says, “And it was all because of your stupid agreement,” you should respond with, “So he’s gone.

mushounin 020

When Kojuurou says, “Then I, his younger brother, Wakayama Kojuurou, am willing to take his place,” your reply should be, “I’m sorry, I…

Step 17: Finish filming the third act.

To finish the third act of Mushounin, you will need to shoot the fight scene with Sasano. This will be another timed challenge where you must complete certain tasks within 2 minutes.

mushounin 021

The tasks are:

  1. Do not leave the recording area of the Film Kamera – There will be a barrier of sorts around the specific area where the Kamera can take shots of the fight. You need to stay within it as you fulfill the other task.
  2. Defeat the samurai – You will have to fight and defeat Wakayama Kojuurou, played by Sasano.
mushounin 022

After the fight, you need to say another line which is “I said the same thing once before.

mushounin 023

The next line you need to remember and select from the choices is “I really like you, Machiko.

mushounin 024

Act out the rest of the scene until you have to say the line, “if rains from the heavens can save the earth from calamity, then surely I can too, right?”

mushounin 025

The scene ends with you jumping off the cliff and the Kamera showing a Temari by the cliff.

Step 18: Rendezvous with everyone.

After executing the last part of the shoot, you are on the ground. Go back up the cliff by looking for a Thunder Sakura Bough to summon and Electrogranum and Thunder Spheres. You can use these to traverse up to the top where the team is.

mushounin 025 1

Xavier is very impressed with the performance that you three showed. He shares how he’s been hoping to film a perfect swashbuckler film and finally realized that dream. He said he could now hold his chest up high and hand this film over to the Yashiro Commissioner.

The two actors expressed how honored they were to be part of the film. Koharu then shared how she felt like she’s heard the story before. Xavier then told them about the legend of Seishimaru, which he heard from the owner of Uyuu Restaurant.

mushounin 027

Although what Koharu heard was not the same, Xavier explains that folktales usually have many versions. And the same can be said about legends of other nations. If Sumeru or Fonataine or even Natlan local legends were used as the source material, what sort of story would we have? Xavier wondered.

Xavier then dismisses you all as he has to hurry up and finish the film so that he can send it to the Kamisato residence. He promised to write to you as soon as he made progress.

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