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As you know, there are four character from which you can choose from in your party. So, for your party you will need to unlock characters.

Genshin Impact: How To Get Acquainted Fate

There are free characters which you will obtain just by following the story-line. Well, if you want a particular character or a stronger character, you need to unlock it with Wishes. Acquainted Fate can be used for Wishes, hence the importance of this item.

But how can you get Acquainted Fate? Can you farm them? Is there an easy way of obtaining? We will answer all these questions today.

How to Get Acquainted Fate in Genshin Impact

The main way is to use Primogems to buy Acquainted Fate. Primogems are a premium currency in this game. They are obtainable in several ways.

You can get them from the monthly card, battle pass, commissions, spiral abyss, and events. Some of these ways require a micro-transaction.

Of course, when your adventure rank gets higher, you will get Acquainted Fate as a reward, for some levels.

The other ways to get Acquainted Fate:

  1. Stardust

Stardust is a rare commodity in Genshin Impact. With 75 of them, you can buy either an Acquainted Fate or an Intertwined Fate.

Apart from buying fates you can do other stuff with this item too.

  1. Starglitter

Unlike Stardust, with these you need five to unlock one of the Fates. However, it’s not advisable because this item is extremely rare, hence the required items.

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These are the only two other ways to get Acquainted Fate. Your main bet will be adventure ranks, but of course there is a limit for that.

Nevertheless, prices for all the three items mentioned above is pretty high and not worth it if you need those particular items. My advice is not to use Stardust or Starglitter for the purchase of fates.

That’s only if you need those two items, if you don’t feel free to spend them on fates. Consider farming some Primogems and using those. Good luck!

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