Genshin Impact: Hidden Quest – Treasure Lost, Treasure Found


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There are many hidden quests in Genshin Impact. Many of them have pretty good rewards, surprisingly. Well, it might not be as surprising judging by how hard these missions can get.

Genshin Impact: Hidden Quest – Treasure Lost, Treasure Found

It’s not relatively the enemies which are strong, but rather the quest objectives. Sometimes, if you don’t know the locations for things you are searching for, the game won’t prompt you. There is a particular hidden quest that is riddled with good rewards called Treasure Lost, Treasure Found.

Today, we will show you how to finish it.

Treasure Lost, Treasure Found: Hidden Quest – Genshin Impact

In most of these quests, you will likely encounter them randomly. To start them you have to interact with certain NPCs, hence why they’re called hidden quests.

Nonetheless, with the proper attitude, you can easily finish Treasure Lost, Treasure Found, especially if you know all of the locations for the things you are searching for.

With that being said, let’s get to it. This is how to finish Treasure Lost, Treasure Found hidden quest in Genshin Impact:

  1. To initiate the quest, you need to speak to Soraya. This is where you can find her:genshin impact treasure lost treasure found 2
  2. The first objective is to find and interact with five stone tablets. Here are their locations:genshin impact hidden quest
  3. After completion, talk to Soraya.
  4. Next objective is to find two stone tablets. This is the first tablet location. Be careful it’s guarded by mobs:genshin impact hidden quest treasure
  5. When you find the second one, interact with it. Look at the referance picture:<img src=""
  6. Speak with Soraya.
  7. Now, you’ll need to find four strange jade locations. This will be harder since all of them will be guarded by enemies.
  8. First Jade Platehidden quest treasure lost treasure found
  9. Second Jade Platehidden quest treasure lost treasure
  10. Third Jade Plategenshin hidden quest treasure lost treasure found
  11. Fourth Jade Plategenshin hidden quest
  12. After you find them, interact with Soraya again. She will inform you of a final ruin, and you’ll need to find it. This is its location:genshin impact hidden quest treasure found treasure lost
  13. As you interact with it, two mini-bosses will emerge. Eliminate them.
  14. After that, activate the mechanism to drain the water, go inside and obtain the treasure.
  15. Go back and conclude the quest with Soraya.
  16. That’s it!

At the end of the quest, when you drain the water in which the loot was, you will score two precious chests and one luxurious quest.

Not a bad score for such a quest. I got pretty good items when I finished the quest. If you choose to do this quest, good luck!

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