Genshin Impact Kaeya – How Old is Cryo Captain Kaeya?



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The highly respected Captain of the Knights of Favonious, has a stone-cold character. Not much much is known about Kaeya, and he intends to keep it this way.

Genshin Impact Kaeya – How Old is Cryo Captain Kaeya?

He has always something planned, and is one step further than anyone. The only time he shares personal details is when he stands to gain an advantage. However, has he shared his age?

How Old is Kaeya? – Genshin Impact

There are many details we know about Kaeya. Those above are just a glimpse into how deep his character is. He is a strategic thinker and warrior.

Nobody truly knows his age. It seems like he likes to keep that part private. We only know that his birthday is November 30th.

But can we pinpoint how old is Kaeya based on his story and appearance? Well, we estimate that Kaeya is 25-28 years old.

Kaeya’s Story

From his stories we scratch the surface on his age, because as the main story unfolds, we keep hearing that Kaeya is 10+ years with the Knights of Favonious.

Considering this, we know that the youngest member in the clan has been a 15-year-old warrior. Furthermore, because Keaya is a determined knight, he could have easily entered the clan at 15.

So, because he has been +10 years with the guild, it means that the minimum age would be 25.

Kaeya’s Appearance

From the appearance we get even more feedback that he is older than 25. He has a slim build, but has some strong and older face features.

We also see body mastery which takes a lot of experience to master. He controls his emotions, body, and mind as one. Some times this can take a lifetime to achieve.

There is a slim chance that he might be a bit older, approximately to 28, but no older. For now, we can only speculate until we get to see some additions to his stories.

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