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The Withering, also known as the Dreadful Withering in Genshin Impact, is an abnormal environmental phenomenon exclusive to the regions of Sumeru. It appears in certain spots called Withering Zones, where all life seems to wither away and die. Only those capable of utilizing the elements can deal with it, so prepare for the worst before entering the Withering Zones.

Genshin Impact: The Withering Guide

The Withering Guide: Dangerous Area Effect


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When you enter a Withering Zone, you begin accumulating Decay, indicated by a broken red bar above your HP bar. Depending on how much Decay you have accumulated, all your party members will have their Resistance to Physical and All Elemental attacks reduced, as well as your Max HP.

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These stats will decrease more by the amount of Decay accrued. This means the longer you stay within a Withering Zone, the lower your stats become and the higher the risk of getting your team killed.

The speed of such accumulation will also differ depending on your Withering Zone.

Disciples of Decay

Elite monsters inside the Withering Zone that have fallen under the influence of the area’s corrosion are considered Disciples of Decay. They have the special protection of the Withering against any damage, but this protection can be dispelled using Dendro attacks. The red leaves icon above its head can identify a Disciple of Decay monster.

The Withering Guide: Withering Zone Elements

Visually, the spot affected by the Withering looks dull and has no life. All the leaves are dry, and dark smog covers the entire area.

Tumor of the Withering

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At the beating heart of each dreadful area, a Tumor of the Withering exists, causing corrosion and death to the area. Destroying this core will clear out the entire Withering Zone.

Withering Branches

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In a Withering Zone, branches connected to the Tumor of the Withering are extended to spread its corrosive power. Before finally getting destroyed, Withering Branches will do a counter-attack and accumulate 1 unit of Decay. The damage this counter-attack deals is considered True Damage and is not affected by Defense, Resistance, or Damage Reduction.

Fetid Boughs

Fetid boughs are budding Tumor flowers that, unlike the Withering Branches, will shoot a projectile at a nearby player. Each projectile hit will accumulate 1 unit of Decay aside from its direct damage to the player.

Candles of Life

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Flames of Life are little Dendro lights you can pick up to reduce Decay accumulation in a Withering Zone. Some Withering Zones already have Flame of Life spawned, while others require three Withering Branches destroyed before Flames of Life appears. Also note that after picking up a Flame of Life, they will not respawn until a reload or reset happens.

Flame of Life

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These mechanical structures are a type of brazier found in Withering Zones. It is easy to activate and will radiate Dendro energy to help slow down the accumulation of Decay. However, these flames appear only when the Withering Branches and Fetid Boughs are destroyed.

Dendrograna and Auspicious Branches

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Dendrograna are grana found in Sumeru. They are curious spirits bursting with elemental magic that can be summoned from Auspicious Branches and follow the player around for up to 30 seconds. This duration is reset if a new Dendrograna is summoned. If you hit an opponent or other valid targets with Charged or Aimed Shot attacks while carrying at least one Dendrogranum, it will be fired to attack the same location shortly afterward and deal True Dendro DMG on hit.

The Withering Guide: How to Clear the Withering Zone

The Withering Zone can be cleared by destroying the Tumor of the Withering. To do this, you must first destroy all existing Withering Branches and Fetid Boughs and the monsters that get summoned within them.

The first thing to do is to summon Dendrograna from a nearby Auspicious Branch and then hit a Withering Branch or Fetid Bough so that the Dendrogran will be sent to it and break it.

You need to be careful there because once a Dendrograna hits a Withering Branch and Fetid Bough, they will make a counter-attack which can be deadly to players.

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Monsters should be defeated before or after destroying Withering Branches and Fetid Boughs. Otherwise, the Tumor of the Withering cannot be interacted with. If the monsters have a dark aura, use a Dendro attack to remove the aura from them.

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After eliminating all the Withering Branches, Fetid Boughs, and monsters, go to the Tumor of the Withering to destroy it.

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