Axie Infinity: How To Pick Your First Axies



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Axie Infinity is the hottest game in the blockchain industry currently. At the core of the game are the unique NFT creatures called Axies. True enough, each Axie is unique in its own right, which makes them very valuable. Of course, some Axies are more valuable than others because they have better stats, cards, parts, and more.

Axie Infinity: How To Pick Your First Axies

In Axie Infinity, your success in PVP and PVE will rely heavily on the Axies on your team. Because of this system, players have dubbed the game as having play-to-earn mechanics, but that is alright, considering that you can earn money by playing. Investing in a good Axie team is investing your money the right way to earn more smooth love potions or SLP.

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It can be hard for beginners to pick an Axie. You need to consider various things such as the stats, the element of the Axie, the cards, and their parts. Here is a short guide on how to pick your first Axies for your team.

Know Your Class And Attributes

Let’s talk about class advantages and disadvantages first. There are nine classes in Axie Infinity, each with its specialties, weaknesses, and stat bonuses. The meta for the game usually changes, so the powerful classes now might not be as strong as they are in the future.

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An Axie with the class advantage over the other Axie will deal 15% bonus damage. Additionally, Axies at a class disadvantage will also deal 15% less damage. Reptile, Plant, and Dusk Axies are strong against, Aquatic, Bird, and Dawn Axies. Aquatic, Bird, and Dawn Axies are strong against Beast, Bug, and Mech Axies. Beast, Bug, and Mech Axies are strong against, Aquatic, Bird, and Dawn Axies.

The game has four stats, each doing one thing for your Axie.

  • Health – determines the amount of damage an Axie can take.
  • Morale – increases critical strike chance and has increased chances for Last Stand.
  • Skill – adds extra damage when an Axie uses multiple cards in one move.
  • Speed – determines the turn order of Axies. When Axies have the same speed, their attack order will be determined by: high speed, low HP, high skill, high morale, and low fighter ID.

Now, your Axie’s stats will also depend on two variables. The first is the class of the Axie, and the second is the body parts or cards that it has. Each body part will add extra stats based on its element.

  • Aquatic: +3 Speed, +1 HP
  • Beast: +3 Morale, +1 Speed
  • Bird: +3 Speed, +1 Morale
  • Bug: +3 Morale, +1 HP
  • Plant: +3 HP, +1 Morale
  • Reptile, +3 HP, +1 Speed


There are two primary types of Axies in the game. You have the tank and the DPS. The tank will sit in the front line and try to absorb as much damage for the team. Tanks should have high HP for their stats. DPS Axies are focused on attacking the enemy team. They should have high speed, skill, and morale. Certain Axie types are fit for specific roles.

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Plant and Reptile Axies have additional HP, so they are usually the best tanks. As for your DPS, Beast, Bird, and Bug Axies are usually the best because of their speed and morale bonuses. Do not be afraid to shake things up, as the Axie’s skill sometimes determines its role in the game.

Final Thoughts on How To Pick Your First Axies

The common misconception is that more expensive means a better Axie. However, when buying in the marketplace, you must remember that players can price their Axie however they want. A high price point does not necessarily mean that the Axie is strong. It is always best to look at their stats first.

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It would be wise to take note of the element of the Axie and their stats before making your first team. Eventually, you will have an easy time creating your Axie Infinity team to help you surpass all your enemies in PVE.

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