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Since its release, Monster Hunter Rise has received non-stop support from Capcom via updates and DLCs. One of the most anticipated updates in the game is The Capcom Collab. We received the update on Capcom Collab 3, and, like the first two, it does not disappoint.

How to get the Akuma Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise

The first two Collab updates gave us a palico and a palamute skin. The Palico skin was in collaboration with Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin in the form of Tsukino on June 18th. Then we received the Capcom Collab 2 last July 30th in collaboration with Okami in the form of Amaterasu.

This time, we are given a hunter skin in collaboration with Street Fighter. The skin reveal shook the entire Monster Hunter Rise community in excitement. It is in the form of none other than the mighty Akuma himself!

Akuma Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise

Unlike any previous layered skins, Akuma changes everything. If you’re equipped with Sword and Shield, the skin conceals the weapon and makes it appear like you’re punching monsters the Street Fighter way. It also changes the voice-over of your hunter and mission completion screen.

To make things even more interesting, throwing a Kunai will make Akuma do a Hadouken. Sure, the damage is the same, but seeing Akuma Hadouken as an Elder Dragon is priceless.

To get the Akuma Layered Armor, talk to Senri, the Mailman in the Village in front of Hinoa. Download the Event Quest: SF: Ultimate Promotion Exam and proceed to the Gathering Hub.

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Speak to Minoto, the Hub Maiden, to accept this quest under Event Quests. Take note that this is a 7-star high-rank quest. It won’t be a walk in the park since it pits you against a Rajang in the Shrine Ruins.

The quest description tells you that there are two Rajangs in the area, and one of them has a “dark aura.” This means you only need to hunt one Rajang for a successful result. The dark aura Rajang is so much stronger than the other regular one.

If you just want to get the materials needed to craft the Akuma Layered armor, opt for the Rajang roaming around the map. But if you want a real challenge, wreak havoc on the sleeping dark aura Rajang while you can.

Before you decide to hunt the stronger Rajang, make sure to equip yourself properly. The dark aura Rajang can one-hit you if you’re caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Carry Mega Armorskins and Mega Demondrugs, and eat the drugs as necessary. You should also bring Megapotions and a Farcaster for emergencies. You can’t be overequipped against this Rajang, which we can only assume is the closest to a G-rank monster. 

Completing the Hunt

After completing the hunt, you are rewarded with Hatsui no Hado tickets. You only need four of these to craft the Akuma skin in Monster Hunter Rise; however, each hunt only gives you around 2 to 3 tickets. So you may need to repeat the quest before you have gathered all the necessary materials for the layered skin.

You only need to craft the Akuma layered armor once as a set. There’s no need to repeat the hunt every time for every piece of the armor.

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Talk to the Blacksmith in Kamura Village, select Forge/Upgrade Armor, and choose Forge Layered Armor. The Akuma Layered Armor requires a few Rajang parts: 4x Hatsui no Hado tickets and 7000 zenny. With this, your Akuma Layered Armor is complete and ready to equip.

You can now roam the different areas surrounding Kamura as the mighty and terrifying Akuma and punch and kick monsters with style in the truest Street Fighter essence. Finishing them off with Hadouken is nothing short of amazing.

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