GTA 5: The Bureau Raid – Roof Entry Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Dropping through the roof beats mopping floors every time.

GTA 5: The Bureau Raid - Roof Entry Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Despite being given a new life and identity in Los Santos, Michael is still forced to play by the FIB’s demands to keep his current life.

So when Dave Norton and Steve Haines give Michael a ticket to his freedom, he pulls out all the stops to make sure the job goes as planned.

The Bureau Raid has two approaches in GTA 5 – Fire Crew and Roof Entry. The former is arguably easier to complete, while the latter nets you the most profit for this mission.

We have a separate guide on the Fire Crew Approach at PlayerAssist; check that out if you’re going for that route.

As for The Bureau Raid – Roof Entry, we have prepared this guide to help you through the mission and get as many Gold Medals as possible in a single run in GTA 5.

The Bureau Raid – Roof Entry Synopsis

Michael heads to Darnell Bros to meet with Lester, who is preparing to burn down the entire building to keep the FIB from tracing him and Michael. The pair talk about the past for a while before Franklin arrives.

5 3

Franklin and Michael leave Darnell Bros and head to the government facility to start the job. On their way to the facility, Franklin asks Michael to run him down on the job details.

Still, their conversation quickly turns sour as Franklin expresses his frustration with doing jobs to save Michael from his miserable past.

Michael apologizes to Franklin, but Franklin brushes it off and asks Michael just to give him the plan. Michael briefs Franklin on the plan, involving jumping from a high-altitude helicopter, entering the FIB building through the roof, and hacking the FIB’s computer systems to download the files. After completing the job, Michael and the crew will escape using the same helicopter they used to enter the building.

Michael phones the rest of the crew to check if they’re ready. With the crew ready and everything needed for the job, all that’s left is for Michael and the crew to wait until it’s late enough to take the government chopper safely.

With the coast clear, Michael and the rest of the crew aboard the government helicopter to start the job. Michael initially pilots the helicopter en route to the location but leaves the piloting to the other pilot as soon as they’re close enough to the FIB building.

After preparations for the jump have been completed, Michael, Franklin, and the crew jump out of the helicopter and parachute toward the FIB building’s rooftop.

14 2

Franklin and the other crew member immediately work to cut open the roof’s glass so they can enter the FIB building undetected.

Michael easily spots the Server Room, but with the door locked off, he resorts to using a sticky bomb to blow open the Server Room.

The sticky bomb blast was strong enough to set off the building alarms, forcing Michael to work as quickly as he could to download the files from the Server Room computer.

The crew’s hacker walks Michael through the steps to hack the FIB computer. After fumbling, Michael eventually spots the files they need to download.

While waiting for the download to finish, Michael heads to the Server Room entrance to help the crew hold off the incoming FIB agents.

22 1

Things become worse when the crew’s chopper is shot down by a FIB helicopter, leaving the crew’s first escape plan unusable.

The file download completes within a few minutes, but with the chopper gone, Michael and the rest of the crew have no choice but to rappel down the side of the FIB building to get to street level.

Michael, Franklin, and the remaining crew member descend the floors to find a more suitable rappel spot. On their way down the building, Michael and the crew are met by responding FIB agents, forcing him and Franklin to shoot them down.

41 1

Michael and the crew eventually find a suitable rappel spot and move down several floors. Halfway through their descent, Michael spots a few incoming FIB choppers and takes them down with his RPG.

With the chopper dealt with, Michael and the crew continue to rappel down to the street level, where they find a parked ambulance along the street.

One of the gunmen suggests they take and drive away from the scene in the stolen ambulance so they do not alert the police.

Michael commends the gunman for suggesting they take the ambulance and asks him to ditch it and take the other crew members home. Michael and Franklin head to Franklin’s home, where Lester is waiting.

50 1

The trio celebrates the success of their recent job with a drink, but Michael leaves first to deal with Dave Norton and Steve Haines.

The Bureau Raid – Roof Entry Gold Medal Objective

  • No Innocents: Don’t kill any innocent civilians.
  • Headshots: Kill 20 enemies with a headshot.
  • Accuracy: Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.
  • Perfect Drop: Land perfectly on the main section of the roof.
  • Hacker: Hack the system within 45 seconds.
  • Time: Complete within 19:00.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can return another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

The Bureau Raid – Roof Entry Mission Guide

Choose the Roof Entry Approach to start the mission.


Pick Rickie Lukens, Norm Richards, and Taliana Martinez as your Hacker, Gunman, and Driver. After the mission, these three crew members will put the most cash in Franklin’s pockets.

2 1

Drive to the government facility marked Yellow on the map.

6 4
7 4
8 2

Get in the helicopter and pilot it toward the yellow marker on the map.

9 2

Ascend as high as you can as soon as you arrive at the yellow marker.

13 2

Jump out, then parachute toward the yellow marker on the FIB Building.

15 2

You need to land perfectly (not land your back) to get the Perfect Drop Gold Medal Objective.

17 2

Head toward the server room so Michael can look for other ways to open the door.

19 3

Use your sticky bomb, then blow it up to the door.

20 2
21 3

Follow the steps below to Hack the FIB Computer:

  • My Computer
  • External Device
  • Hack Connect.exe
  • Match the 4 Red numbers above with the numbers cycling on the screen. (Use the WASD and enter keys to highlight the numbers faster if you’re playing on a PC)
  • BruteForce.exe
  • Press Enter (or the interact button on your controller) as soon as each letter lines up toward the middle column.
24 3
25 3
26 2
27 2
28 2

Defend the server room while waiting for the download to finish. This is your best chance at getting as many Headshots as you can. Keep using Michael to take advantage of his special ability.

29 3
31 3
32 1

Follow the crew to escape the FIB Building.

36 2

Use Michael’s special ability each time the crew opens a door. Take out the FIB agents with headshots.

37 2
38 2

DO NOT shoot the medics; only shoot enemies that point their guns at you.

39 2

Rappel quickly as you can by spamming the ‘larger jumps’ option.


Michael and the crew will stop halfway down the building to take out a helicopter gunship. Use Michael’s special ability and your RPG to blow up the helicopter.

44 1

Continue to rappel down the building by spamming the larger jumps rappel option.

45 1

A few FIB agents will be waiting for you at street level. Use this opportunity to score your last few headshots.

46 1

Run to the ambulance parked next to the sidewalk.


Drive to Franklin’s house. Don’t worry about the cops; the ambulance is the perfect disguise.

49 1
51 1

Through the Roof!

If you want to get the most money out of The Bureau Raid in GTA 5, the Roof Entry approach will be your best bet. The Fire Crew is relatively easier to complete, but the Roof Entry approach will put more money in Franklin’s pockets after completing the job.

Out of all six Gold Medal Objectives, the Hacker Gold Medal Objective is the most difficult to pull off, especially if this is the first time you’ve played this mission.

Other than the hacking section of the mission, getting the Headshots, Accuracy, Time, No Innocents, and Perfect drops are easily obtained in a single run. Follow the detailed guide above to better understand how to complete the Gold Medal Objectives in The Bureau Raid – Roof Entry.

15 6

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