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A subtle cameo from Grand Theft Auto IV characters.

GTA 5: Burial Random Event Guide

Random Events come in many forms in GTA 5. While the most common ones are Random Events that involve robberies and theft, some feature their own story, and others even call back to past Grand Theft Auto games in the franchise.

One Random Event that connects Grand Theft Auto V to Grand Theft Auto IV is the Burial Random Event, where you must save the daughter of a certain crime family underboss just minutes away from being buried alive. Fortunately, you conveniently arrive at the scene before they can even make a dent in the ground with their shovels.

This quick guide outlines everything you need to know about the Burial Random Event.

What is the Burial Random Event in GTA 5

The Burial Random Event involves the former Gambetti crime family underboss’ daughter, Antonia Bottino. You will find her tied up near the back of a truck on a dirt track north of Paleto Bay, about to be buried alive by two unknown men.

As it turns out, the men that kidnapped her were enemies of her father, Sammy Botiino. You must deal with both men and free Antonia from the back of the truck. After you free Antonia, she will ask you to drive her to Vinewood Hills.

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Antonia will tell you a little about her past as you drive her back to Vinewood Hills. Each protagonist will react differently to Antonia, but any of the three protagonists will get a hefty reward for saving her.

How to complete the Burial Random Event in GTA 5

The Burial Random Event is very easy to complete. All you need to do is kill both men trying to bury Antonia Bottino alive, free Antonia, and take her to Vinewood Hills.

As soon as you arrive at Paleto Point, get ready to take out your favorite gun, as the two men will not take witnesses lightly. Shoot them down, then walk toward Antonia’s location to free her from bondage. Don’t forget to take the money dropped by both men.

With Antonia free, she will thank you and ask you to take her to Vinewood Hills, where her contact awaits her. The drive to Vinewood Hills is pretty long, but Antonia will make it feel a bit bearable with her quick history lesson.

Burial Random Event Location

You can find the Burial Random Event in the North Point of Paleto Bay, also known as Paleto Point. Look for a pair of suspicious-looking dudes standing next to a truck to find this Random Event, or just check the map for two red dots in the area.

You need to kill both men and save Antonia. After you deal with the enemies, Antonia will ask for a ride to Vinewood Hills. The mission is considered complete after you drop off Antonia at Vinewood Hills. You will also get the mission rewards soon after you drop her off.

Burial Random Event Rewards

The Burial Random Event gives out the biggest single reward of any Random Event in GTA 5 at a whopping $60,000. Antonia’s father, Sammy Bottino, will wire you the money soon after you deliver Antonia to Vinewood Hills. Weirdly enough, you can still receive the monetary reward even if you decide to kill Antonia after you’ve completed the rescue mission.

The two men you take out to save Antonia will also drop some cash. Pick these up to get even more money from this Random Event.

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If you’re playing as Trevor, you can deliver Antonia to the Altruist Cult camp and get $1,000. Doing so will cause you to forfeit the $60,000 reward from her father, Sammy Bottino.

Sammy Bottino’s Daughter

The Burial Random Event is a subtle call back to Grand Theft Auto IV because the NPC you save in this mission is not Gambetti Crime Family’s right-hand man’s daughter, Antonia Bottino.

Refer to the Random Event location above to find this Random Event in GTA 5. Ensure you complete this mission, as it gives out one of the biggest single rewards of any Random Event in the game.

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