GTA 5: Car Thief Random Event Guide


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Grand Theft Auto is the name of the game.

GTA 5: Car Thief Random Event Guide

The ability to steal any car within sight is one of the Grand Theft Auto franchise’s most beloved gameplay elements. Players can easily walk up to just about any car in-game and drive away with it until they get sick of it and spot a different car to steal in-game.

While you, the player, are typically the one doing the stealing, the Car Thief Random Event in GTA 5 will give you a taste of what it’s like to be on the other side of the fence.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the Car Thief Random Event in this quick guide.

What is the Car Thief Random Event?

The Car Thief Random Events are theft-related Random Events where random NPCs ask for your help retrieving their stolen vehicle. This Random Event is very similar to the Sports Bike Thief Random Event, where you’ll spot the thief driving away in the stolen vehicle as soon as you arrive at the Random Event location.

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Completing the Car Thief Random Event is simple. All you have to do is retrieve and drive the stolen vehicle back to the owner’s location. The rewards for both vary, but both count towards the 14 Random Events for getting 100% completion in your GTA 5 save file.

Where is the Car Thief Random Event in GTA 5?

There are two Car Thief Random Events in GTA 5 – one can be found in North Chumash and the other in Autopia Parkway near the Los Santos International Airport.

The first Car Thief is in front of the nearby Hookies restaurant. You must retrieve the stolen car, which is a pink Peyote. Chase after the thief, take back the car, and drive it back to the lady waiting at Hookies.

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The second Car Thief is on Autopia Parkway at Los Santos International Airport. The car you’re looking for is a stolen dark Obey Rocoto SUV. Stop the thief and drive the car back to the lady’s location to give it back.

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Car Thief Random Event Rewards

You won’t get any monetary reward for completing this random event in GTA 5. You will, however, get a guaranteed +5 driving skill stat for successfully retrieving each stolen car.

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The lady from the first one will give you nothing for your heroics, while the second lady will email you that she has bought a Pale Blue Shirt for you as thanks for your efforts.

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You can also retrieve both cars and drive away with them if you wish to do so. That counts as a reward in itself, anyway.

Completing these Random Events counts towards the 14 Random Events required for 100% Completion in your GTA V save file.

Grand Theft Auto

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has always been about driving around the map looking for the next best car to chase down and steal for yourself. Staying true to the tradition of car-related thievery, GTA 5 features several missions and Random Events involving car theft. The Car Thief Random Event is just two of many events in-game that return to the franchise’s roots.

Complete both random events will give you bonus Driving Skills stats and a neat Pale Blue Shirt from one of the victims.

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