GTA 5: Chasing The Truth Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Michael earns the right to look for extraterrestrial clues with a special metal detector.

GTA 5: Chasing The Truth Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Before Michael is made an official Epsilon Program member, he must complete a number of random tasks given by other Epsilon Members and make ridiculous amounts of donations to the program.

Michael has previously acquired five different cars for Epsilon as per Marnie’s instruction. Now, Michael has to help Marnie and Jimmy Boston find a few items around Grapeseed.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Chasing the Truth and how to find all three items without using the supplied detector in this guide.

Chasing The Truth Synopsis

While in Grapeseed, Michael spots Epsilon members Marnie and actor Jimmy Boston playing with a weird detector device. Michael approaches both Epsilon members to find out what they’re doing.

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Marnie and Jimmy Boston greet Michael Kifflom!, and explain that the device they’re using is used to find alien artifacts. Jimmy Boston tells Michael that Cris has deemed him worthy of looking for clues to extraterrestrial life, which is why they’re out using the meter.

Marnie hands Michael the meter and asks him to look for alien artifacts using the device. Michael agrees and proceeds to run around Grapeseed to look for the alien artifacts, and the first artifact he finds is an old abandoned TV. However, Jimmy tells Michael that this isn’t the artifact they’re looking for.

6 8

Michael continues to search for alien artifacts around the area and eventually spots a metal box. Marnie asks Michael if he believes the metal box to be the artifact they are looking for.

When Michael tells Marnie about his doubts, Marnie immediately tells Michael that the box probably is not what they are looking for as well.

9 4

After searching the area extensively, Michael is led to an abandoned brown boot by the detector and exclaims that he believes the boot to be 100% the item Marnie and Jimmy have been looking for.

Marnie confirms Michael’s conclusion and tells Michael that this truth costs a $10,000 donation to the Epsilon Program. Michael waves. Marnie simply greets Michael Kifflom! before leaving with Jimmy.

Chasing The Truth Gold Medal Objectives

image 11
  • Use the Force: Find the object without using the detector.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can return another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Chasing The Truth Mission Guide

After the cutscene, head to the small house toward the right, where you will find a small TV near a tree.

4 7
5 7

After spotting the TV, head to the next item by running North toward these trees. Look for a tree with a large rock.

7 7
8 5

After finding the second item, head toward the direction of the lawn chairs. Keep going straight until you find two chopped-off tree bases.

10 4
11 5
12 2
15 5

All That For A Boot

Michael is the biggest scammer in Los Santos, which means the Epsilon Program’s scummy tactics will never work on him in a million years. Nevertheless, Michael follows the Epsilon’s requests until he can find a way to scam them back for all they’ve got.

Chasing The Truth is one of the easier Epsilon-related missions in GTA 5, and the only challenge is knowing where to find the hidden items around Grapeseed. Through the guide above, you should be able to spot all three items without using the detector and get the Use The Force Gold Medal Objective without too much effort.

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