GTA 5: Cleaning Out The Bureau Mission Guide (Gold Medal)



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GTA 5: Cleaning Out The Bureau Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Michael has been doing odd jobs for Steve Haines and Dave Norton for a while now, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Michael can’t afford to say no to Dave and Steve, as he risks exposing the deal he and Dave Norton made back when things went down in North Yankton.

Dave and Steve are back with another job for Michael in Cleaning Out The Bureau. But this time, the risk of their secrets spewing out into the open is as big as ever, forcing Michael to do one last job for the FIB.

Here is everything you need to know about the Cleaning Out The Bureau mission in GTA 5 and how you can complete all its Gold Medal objectives in this guide.

Cleaning Out The Bureau Synopsis

Michael arrives at Darnell Bros to meet up with Lester, where the pair briefly discuss Michael and his issues with Trevor. Lester acknowledges the problem and tells Michael that they will have to put the Union Depository job on hold since they desperately need Trevor on the job if they want to complete it successfully.

Dave Norton arrives shortly after and asks Michael to do one last job for him and Steve Haines. Steve arrives moments later and tells Michael and Lester that the Agency is on to them and has been closely watching him.

With the risk of the FIB gaining access to their records, Steve Haines sends Michael and Lester on a mission to find a way to infiltrate the Agency and gain access to some evidence that the FIB has on them. Steve, in return, promises he will delete all of Michael’s files in the Bureau. Michael agrees and tells Steve that the job will be the last thing he does for Steve.

Michael and Lester make their way to the FIB parking lot, where Lester intends to track and tail a janitor named Harvey Molina, from whom they can take some IDs and overalls to enter the FIB building unnoticed.

As soon as Harvey drives out of the parking lot, Michael and Lester follow him to his apartment in Las Lagunas Boulevard in Downtown Vinewood. Michael follows Harvey all the way to his apartment door and enters the door as soon as Harvey gets inside.

Michael gets straight to the point and asks Harvey for some overalls. Harvey is shocked to see Michael at first, but willingly gives Michael a fresh set of overalls when Michael tells him he’ll fill his pockets with money as long as Harvey cooperates.

With the overalls and IDs in hand, Michael and Lester drive back to Darnell Bros to meet up with Franklin, whom Lester called to help out with the acquisition of some building blueprints.

Cleaning Out The Bureau Gold Medal Objectives

  • Eagle Eye: Check all license plates.
    • Check each passing car’s license plate by zooming in.
  • He Missed a Spot: Follow the janitor without being spotted.
    • You don’t have to tail him too close. Just keep a good eye on where he’s going.
  • Time (Cleaned Out): Complete within 09:00.
    • You’re at the mercy of the cars exiting the parking lot. Skip the cutscenes so you can save time on completing the mission itself.

Cleaning Out The Bureau Mission Guide

Get in the car and drive to the FIB building marked yellow on the map.

Wait for the janitor’s car. Remember to zoom in on every car that passes through to complete the Eagle Eye Gold Medal objective.

You’re looking for a vehicle with plate number 83QSL722.

Follow the janitor but keep at least a two-car distance between your car and his. This will complete the He Missed A Spot Gold Medal objective.

The janitor might stop at the red light a couple of times. Stop two cars away from him at all times.

Follow him to his apartment. If you’re following close, enter Stealth Mode so you don’t alert him of your presence.

With the IDs and overalls on hand, walk back to your car.

Drive back to Darnell Bros.

Enter the office. Franklin will be waiting inside.

Costume Ready

Michael, Dave, and Steve will stop at nothing to keep their secrets hidden from the Bureau. Through this last job, Michael hopes he can finally clear up his past records, get one last score in the Union Depository job, and get that retirement he longs for.

Cleaning Out The Bureau’s Gold Medal objectives are very easy to complete. You can clear all three in one run as long as you follow the guide we have outlined above. Just remember to skip all the cutscenes, zoom in on all the passing cars’ license plates, and keep a good distance from Harvey while you’re following his car.

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