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Jimmy gets tangled up with some gangsters. It is up to Michael and Franklin to save him.

GTA 5: Father/Son Mission Guide

The Father/Son story mission in GTA 5 is one of the first missions that involve more than one of the protagonists in-game. The mission is unlocked by completing the “Complications” story mission in GTA 5. Subsequently, completing this mission also unlocks the Marriage Counseling and The Long Stretch story missions in-game.

In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about the Father/Son Mission in GTA 5.

Father/Son Mission Guide

You can start the mission with Franklin or Michael. Starting with Michael will play a cutscene that shows Amanda and Tracey arguing over a sleepover. On the other hand, if you start the mission as Franklin, you have to approach Michael by the pool manually.

The two protagonists have a quick chat before Michael decides to buy Franklin a beer from a local bar, but he is cut short when Jimmy calls his dad out of nowhere, telling him the family Yacht has been stolen.

The first order of business is to get into Amanda’s car and head to the marked blue location on the map:

Head to Pacific Bluffs/West Eclipse Boulevard, marked yellow on the map:

As soon as you catch a glimpse of the stolen Yacht, Michael will tell Franklin to try and board the Yacht.

You must cover Franklin and Jimmy from the thugs while driving through traffic. Use the truck as cover so you do not crash into random vehicles.

Jimmy will find himself in a tough spot; you must catch up to the truck and place the car underneath Jimmy. Next, you must drive close to the Yacht again to catch Franklin.

Unfortunately, the car’s engine runs into some trouble, requiring the gang to head over to Los Santos Customs:

Michael will split up from Franklin and Jimmy, opting to take a Taxi Cab on his way home.

Franklin and Jimmy will proceed to get the car fixed at Los Santos Customs.

Simply drive up to this blue gate:

Simply select “Repair Vehicle” to have the car fixed:

After fixing the car, head back to Michael’s house:

After a quick dialogue between Franklin and Jimmy, Franklin walks out of the main gate, ending the mission.

Father and Son

Father/Son is one of the introductory missions in GTA 5 that lays down the mentor-student relationship between two of its three protagonists in-game – Franklin and Michael. The mission itself is pretty straightforward, and it is undoubtedly one of the easier missions in GTA 5’s story mode.

If you ever get stuck with this mission in GTA 5, feel free to easily refer to the walkthrough above to complete the Father/Son mission.

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