GTA 5: How To Get Money Out Of Armored Truck


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You’ll need to know how to get money out of an armored truck to get money from them in GTA 5.

GTA 5: How To Get Money Out Of Armored Truck

Green armored vans can be seen parked around restaurants, gas stations, and other prominent businesses in GTA 5. But did you know you could steal money from these Armored Cars in-game?

This quick guide will show you how to get money from Armored Trucks in GTA 5.

Do Armored Trucks Carry Money?

Armored Trucks carry a decent amount of money in GTA 5. Each Armored Truck can have anywhere from $3000-$8000 in money drops.

Green Armored Trucks carry money in GTA 5

$3000-$8000 might not seem like much, but when considering ten different Armored Van locations in GTA 5, the money you get from each one will add up very quickly.

Moreover, Armored Vans respawn indefinitely in specific locations around the game, meaning you can return later and rob the same Armored Truck if you wish.

How do you get money out of the Armored Truck in GTA 5?

You can get the money from the Security Vans/Armored Trucks in GTA 5 using a Sticky Bomb to blow open the rear door. Alternatively, you can shoot at the rear door handles to break the doors open.

Get money out of the Armored Truck by blowing up the rear door.

A briefcase should drop from the back of the truck after you break the rear door. This briefcase will have varying amounts of money, but you can expect to get anywhere from $3000-$8000 cash.

One important tip: DO NOT detonate the Sticky Bomb while other cars surround the Armored Truck. Doing so will cause a chain explosion and scatter the money in the briefcase resulting in a smaller overall take.

Where to find all the Armored Trucks in GTA 5

Armored Trucks are part of the Security Vans Random Event in GTA 5. There are 10 of these Random Events in the game, all of which respawn indefinitely throughout the game.

Armored Truck 1

This Armored Truck is parked at a gas station between Innocence Boulevard and Alta Street in La Puerta.

Take down the guards to get money from the Armored Truck in La Puerta

Armored Truck 2

Along Vespucci Boulevard in Little Seoul, you will find an Armored Truck parked at the Lucky Plucker restaurant.


Armored Truck 3

A Security Van can be found on Paleto Boulevard. Like the first and second Armored Truck, you will find a security guard about to load the money onto the van.

Jump on the security guard before he loads the money onto the Armored Truck

Armored Truck 4

In a small parking lot on Adam’s Apple Boulevard in Little Seoul, you will find a parked Armored Truck and a guard about to load the money onto the truck.


Armored Truck 5

Unlike the first four Armored Trucks above, this next one requires you to drive alongside it and blow up the rear door to take the money from the Armored Truck.

You can find Armored Truck 5 driving along Prosperity Street near the Vespucci Canals. Use your Sticky Bomb or shoot the rear doors to force them open.


Armored Truck 6

You can find the next Armored Truck driving along San Andreas Avenue. Use your Sticky Bomb or shoot at the van’s rear door to force it open.


Armored Van 7

Yet another Armored Truck is heading north along the Chianski Passage in the San Chianski Mountain Range. As with the previous Security Vans, use your Sticky Bombs or shoot the doors to steal the money.

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Armored Van 8

Drive along the Great Ocean Highway near Tongva Hills to find the next Armored Truck. You should spot the van near Route 68. Use your Sticky Bomb or shoot the truck’s rear doors to release the money.

25 5

Armored Van 9

Drive west on El Rancho Boulevard; another Armored Van is driving there. Use a Sticky Bomb to blow up the van’s rear doors or shoot it down with your favorite weapon to release the money.

27 5

Armored Truck 10

Another Armored Truck can be spotted along Supply Street near Popular Street in La Mesa. Like the previous Armored Trucks, use your Sticky Bombs to blow open the rear doors or break them using your favorite gun to release the money.

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Money Transport

Armored Truck can be a reliable source of cash in GTA 5. All you need to do is to find them and blow the rear doors to get the money out of them. Hunt down all 10 Armored Trucks and get $3000-$8000 in cash for each truck.


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