GTA 5: I Fought The Law… Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Franklin, Michael, and Trevor go on a mission to retrieve two cars for Devin Weston.

GTA 5: I Fought The Law... Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Warning! Major plot/gameplay spoilers ahead.

Blitz Play opened a few job opportunities for Franklin, Michael, and Trevor from Devin Weston. Devin Weston was rather impressed with the trio’s performance in their last job, which led him to offer Michael a few more jobs involving cars in exchange for a meeting with his idol Solomon Richards.

We have outlined everything you need to know about I Fought The Law… and how you can get a Gold Medal finish from this mission in Grand Theft Auto 5.

I Fought The Law… Synopsis

Franklin arrives at a construction site in Alta to meet Devin Weston and his assistant Molly. A few moments later, Trevor arrives, followed closely by Michael. With the team complete, Molly breaks down the mission details.

image 898

Franklin, Michael, and Trevor are tasked to steal two exotic vehicles from trust fund kids: a Cheetah and an Entity XF. To do this, Michael and Trevor will dress up as San Andreas Highway Patrol officers, while Franklin will attempt to start a street race with the kids.

image 899

The two kids were known to drive often on the Senora Freeway. Franklin immediately spots the pair in a gas station along the Senora Freeway and challenges the pair to a race heading towards the Grapeseed area.

image 902

A few miles down the freeway, Michael and Trevor will be waiting for the trio to pass them so they can start their pursuit and take control of the two vehicles. As Franklin gets closer to Michael and Trevor, he will give them a call so they can start the chase.

The two kids and the trio go on a lengthy race down the highway. Despite multiple attempts by Trevor and Michael to get the kids to pull over, they will continue to drive at high speeds until they reach the bridge at Paleto Bay.

image 912
image 913

The trio finally gets a hold of the kids and their cars on a bridge near Paleto Bay. Michael and Trevor play cop for a while before forcing the kids out of their cars and taking their rides.

image 915

As soon as the trio gets a hold of the cars, Molly will instruct them to deliver the cars to Hayes Auto in South Los Santos. Of course, the trio also took the chance to race a bit on the way to the location.

The trio arrives at Hayes Auto, where Devin Weston and Molly await. Franklin asks for their dues immediately, but Molly cuts him off, saying the job requires the retrieval of 5 cars before they get paid.

image 922

She immediately gives Franklin and Trevor the details for the new job while Devin Weston tells Michael he will be in touch regarding Solomon Richards.

image 923

I Fought The Law… Gold Medal Objectives

image 896
  • Tight Squeeze: Race between the two trucks.
    • There are two trucks side by side just after the start of the race.
  • Bus Passed: Race between the two buses.
    • Near the turn from the LS Freeway, a Bus and a Dashound can be seen driving side by side.
  • Follow the Leader: Follow Trevor through the tunnel.
  • Time: Complete within 12:00
    • Skip all cutscenes.
    • Drive straight from one checkpoint to another.
  • Split Seconds: Use Franklin’s special ability during the race.

I Fought The Law… Mission Guide

Take the F620 and drive towards the gas station at the Senora Freeway.

image 900
image 901

Do your best to stay close to the kids. Don’t hesitate to use Franklin’s special ability to escape sticky situations.

image 903

Make sure you drive through both of these trucks.

image 904

Drive through these two buses as well. This should complete the Tight Squeeze, and Bus Passed Gold Medal objectives.

image 905

Franklin will call Michael and Trevor to let them know he’s close. The controls will switch over to Michael automatically.

image 906

Follow Franklin and the kids on your patrol bike.

image 907

Make sure you make the left turn toward the tunnel to complete the Follow The Leader Gold Medal objective.

image 908

Follow them towards the bridge at Paleto Bay.

image 910
image 911

Skip the cutscene to save time, then drive the cars back to Hayes Auto at South Los Santos as instructed by Molly.

image 916
image 917

Use Franklin’s ability now if you haven’t already to complete the Split Seconds Gold Medal objective.

image 919
image 920
image 924

High-Speed Pursuit

Franklin will be right at home in the I Fought The Law… mission in GTA 5 since he previously boosted cars for a living while working for Simeon in the car dealership. He even tells Michael how he would have been doing the same work if Michael did not take him under his wing.

All Gold Medal objectives are easy to obtain in the I Fought The Law… mission in GTA 5. Tight Squeeze, Bus Passed, and Split Seconds will be the easiest to obtain since you will definitely want to use Franklin’s ability in this mission. The two trucks and buses will also be present very early in the race.

For the rest of the Gold Medal objectives, simply skip the cutscenes to buy yourself more time, and do not forget to follow Trevor throughout the entire motorcycle pursuit.

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