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Lamar gets into trouble again. Franklin, Trevor, and Michael come to the rescue.

GTA 5: Lamar Down Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Franklin, Michael, and Trevor suit up to save Franklin’s best friend from the gangsters in the 63rd mission in GTA 5 – Lamar Down. Lamar can not seem to stay out of trouble, leaving Franklin no choice but to save him whenever he is in a pinch. In Lamar’s latest attempt to emulate the gangsters of days gone, he foolishly falls captive to a rival gang, the Ballas.

Here is everything you need to know about Lamar Down and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing this mission in GTA 5.

Lamar Down Synopsis

Franklin was lucky to inherit a house from Lester after Franklin completed the Hotel Assassination mission. While Franklin is exploring the house’s amenities, Tanisha suddenly arrives out of nowhere, asking Franklin for help.

Lamar is in trouble again, so Tanisha asks Franklin to go and save Lamar. Franklin declines at first, saying Lamar has done nothing but give him trouble, but Tanisha begs Franklin to save their friend for her sake. Before Tanisha leaves, she tells Franklin to find Lamar at the Paleto Forest Sawmill.

Franklin calls Lester to get more information about what he is about to go up against at Paleto Bay. Lester fills Franklin in on the details, saying the place is most likely a packing and shipping center for a weed operation run by an African-American gang.

Lester also warns Franklin about the possible high number of gang members in the area, forcing Franklin to ask Lester to contact Michael and Trevor for some help. Lester warns Franklin that Michael and Trevor still are not getting along well, but Franklin is confident his friends will show up to lend a hand.

Franklin arrives at the Paleto Forest Sawmill and is relieved to see Michael and Trevor already in the area. Michael and Trevor get into a quick argument that Franklin quickly breaks up. The trio gets to work immediately.

Michael calls dibs on the high ground, opting to stay back and provide long-range cover with his sniper rifle from the woods. Meanwhile, Trevor assumes a more aggressive position with his machine gun, opting for a more head-on approach. Franklin also takes a more direct approach. On Franklin’s signal, he and Trevor initiate a head-on assault on the gang members. Michael provides cover while also searching for Lamar.

Franklin, Michael, and Trevor take down multiple gang members while searching the area for Lamar. As Franklin and Trevor reach higher ground, Trevor warns Michael about a few enemy snipers in the area. Michael quickly spots the snipers and shoots them down.

Franklin and Trevor continue to push deeper into the sawmill to find Lamar. They eventually find him on one of the balconies in the sawmill. Franklin picks him up and leads him out of the sawmill with Trevor and Michael’s help.

Michael pulls out as soon as the trio clears the area of gangsters. Trevor lags, providing cover for his buddies as they escape. Meanwhile, Franklin takes Lamar with him and drives him home.

On their way home, Franklin gives Lamar a good lecture about Stretch and how he has been trying to get Lamar killed since the incident with D and the Ballas. Eventually, Lamar starts to realize that Franklin is right.

Franklin and Lamar arrive at their home turf in Strawberry. Before Franklin leaves, Lamar asks for some money but is annoyed when Franklin only hands him a few dollars. Franklin is also annoyed by Lamar’s ungratefulness, telling him how he’s lucky to have been saved by Franklin, Michael, and Trevor from the Ballas.

Franklin walks away from Lamar to go home but is stopped by Steve Haines and Dave Norton. Steve and Dave both tell Franklin to kill Trevor. Franklin refuses, telling Steve and Dave to ask Michael to do it instead. Steve and Dave tell Franklin he has no choice and will do as they say when they give him the call.

Lamar Down Gold Medal Objectives

  • Headshots: Kill 18 enemies with a headshot.
  • Accuracy: Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.
  • Three Way: Kill an enemy with all three characters.
  • Time: Complete within 13:30.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can come back another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Lamar Down Mission Guide

Make your way to the Paleto Forest Sawmill, marked yellow on the map.

Drive as fast as you can to hit the Time Gold Medal objective. Keep an eye out for shortcuts to shorten your travel time.

Choose the rightmost position as Trevor.

Bring Franklin to Trevor’s location. This way, both characters can watch each other’s backs closely as they assault the sawmill.

SWITCH to Michael and find Lamar.

Feel free to shoot easy targets in the head if you find some in the open. You need 18 Headshots to complete the Headshots Gold Medal objective.

SWITCH to Franklin or Trevor and score kills with each to complete the Three Way Gold Medal objective.

Refrain from spraying with Trevor’s Machine Gun. Try to land your shots on your targets, as you need a 70% accuracy rating to complete the Accuracy Gold Medal objective.

SWITCH between Franklin and Trevor when necessary. You need to SWITCH to Michael in the drop-off area to take down the snipers.

There is one sniper on the roof of the main building and another on the watchtower towards the hillside.

Meet up with Lamar and escort him out of the sawmill.

SWITCH to Michael and protect Franklin, Trevor, and Lamar.

SWITCH to Franklin. Take the car and bring Lamar home.

Rescue Mission

Steve Haines and Dave Norton’s request should see Trevor dead if Franklin decides to do what he’s told. The Big Score is still a go, but until the trio can complete their biggest heist, what happens with Franklin, Michael, and Trevor in the last few missions is up in the air.

The number of enemies you must take down in Lamar Down makes it a challenging mission. Fortunately, the sheer number of enemies makes it easy to kill 18 enemies with headshots (Headshots) and finish with a shooting accuracy of 70% (Accuracy).

Just remember to cycle through all three characters and kill at least one enemy with each one (Three Way), and skip all the cutscenes to hit the 13:30 Time requirement.

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