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Michael retrieves a film reel from Devin Weston’s assistant.

GTA 5: Legal Trouble Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Solomon Richards knows that Devin Weston intends to tear down his movie studio to build condos. Devin Weston has only been waiting for the near completion of Solomon Richard’s latest movie, Meltdown before he decides to pull the plug and conveniently get a massive payday via insurance.

As the movie’s Associate Producer, Michael won’t let anything happen to the movie’s analog copy. So when Devin Weston sends his assistant Molly off to take away the original movie reel for Meltdown, Michael chases her down to retrieve the movie reel and save the movie at all costs.

Here is everything you need to know about Legal Trouble’s mission and how you can get a Gold Medal objective for completing the mission in GTA 5.

Legal Trouble Synopsis

Michael arrives at Richards Majestic Productions to meet up with Solomon Richards. He heads towards Solomon Richards’ main office expecting to be greeted with a movie line by Solomon but is met by Devin Weston and his assistant Molly instead.

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Devin Weston fills Michael in on his plans to pull the plug on Solomon Richards’ movie so he and the other investors can get a massive insurance payout. Devin Weston intends to use the insurance payout to pay Solomon Richards’ son so he can finally tear the movie studio down and build condos in its place.

Solomon Richards arrives in his office with Meltdown’s analog film reel in his hands. Molly takes the movie reel, and Devin Weston sends Molly off to take the copy offshore.

image 2

Believing that Molly’s analog copy is the only copy of Meltdown, Michael swiftly chases after her to retrieve the reel and save the movie and the movie studio.

Michael, Molly, and a couple of Police escorts go on a lengthy car chase around town and the Los Santos International Airport. Molly eventually stops her car and enters one of the hangars. Frightened for her life, Molly accidentally runs in front of one of the parked plane’s engines as it starts up. The aircraft engine’s powerful turbines suck Molly into the engine blades, killing her instantly.

image 11

Michael is shocked to see what happened to Molly, but with several Police officers chasing after him, he swiftly picks up the movie reel and runs away from the police. Once he loses the police, Michael calls Solomon Richards to inform him about Molly’s demise but assures him that he has successfully retrieved the movie reel.

Solomon Richards tells Michael that the movie reel is useless since the studio has digital copies of the movie anyway. Michael quickly realizes that his chase that led to Molly’s death was for nothing. Solomon Richards apologizes and tries to cheer Michael up by telling him he has green-lit a movie premiere for Meltdown. Michael is excited by the news and asks if his family can attend the premiere. Solomon Richards agrees and informs Michael that the invites are already coming via courier.

Legal Trouble Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time: Complete within 05:30.
  • Floor It: Reach top speed in any car.
  • Clean Escape: Lose the wanted level within 02:00.
  • News Hound: View the Weazel News camera for 15 seconds.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can come back another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Legal Trouble Mission Guide

A couple of fast cars will be available in the parking lot. Choose one and follow Molly.

image 3

Follow Molly into the airstrip.

image 6

You can start using the Weazel News view here. But it is recommended you get the bulk of the required view time from the main runway.

image 7

Follow Molly and the police escorts to the main runway. This is the best time to use the Weazel News view.

image 8
image 9

The main runway will be relatively straight, making it great for completing the News Hound Gold Medal objective.

image 10

Follow Molly into the hangar.

image 12
image 13

Take the film reel, then run towards the private jet.

image 14
image 15

Fly away from the airport to evade the police.

image 16
image 17

Goodbye, Molly

With Molly now dead, Michael will inevitably face retaliation from Devin Weston. The only question is when and where Devin Weston decides to get back at Michael for his assistant’s demise.

Legal Trouble is a fairly easy mission that involves a ton of driving around town and at Los Santos International Airport. You can easily complete the Time requirement by skipping all the cutscenes. In contrast, the News Hound objective can be completed by repeatedly switching to the Weazel News camera while chasing Molly.

On the other hand, reaching top speed (Floor It) will be easy as well since most of the chase takes place at the airport’s runway, and losing the cops (Clean Escape) is almost a given as long as you take the private plane out of the hangar.

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