GTA 5: Marriage Counseling Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Michael is forced to postpone his retirement.

GTA 5: Marriage Counseling Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

With his thieving and conniving days behind him, Michael now spends his days in his Rockford Hills home listening to music and enjoying the sun.

Michael coming home to find Amanda sleeping with another man leads to a series of unfortunate events that will eventually force him to relive the glory days. We have outlined everything you need to know about Marriage Counseling in GTA 5 and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission.

Marriage Counseling Synopsis

Michael arrives at an empty home in his Rockford Hills residence. He tries calling for his wife Amanda and his daughter Tracey but gets no response from them. Michael decides to smoke for a bit and heads out the front door. As he lit his cigarette, he found two tennis rackets beside the front door.

Knowing Amanda, Michael quickly makes his way up the stairs to his bedroom to confirm his suspicions. He finds Amanda just outside their bedroom door, wrapped in nothing but a towel. Amanda was sleeping with her tennis instructor in Michael’s bed.

Michael chases the tennis instructor out of their balcony window. Scared for his life, the tennis instructor jumps over the balcony and lands just in front of their house’s main door. Franklin arrives just in time to witness everything. Michael doesn’t have time to chat, so he asks Franklin to come with him and chase down the fleeing tennis instructor.

Franklin and Michael take the gardener’s truck and chase after the tennis instructor, who escaped into the canyons. The pair eventually find the tennis instructor standing on the deck of one of the houses. The tennis instructor tries to apologize to Michael, but Michael doesn’t care for his apology.

To assert himself and blow off some steam, Michael asks Franklin to hook up one of the deck’s support legs in an attempt to bring the house down. Michael successfully takes the entire deck down and is relieved to have taken revenge on the tennis instructor.

Just as Franklin and Michael leave the area, the tennis instructor gives Michael a call telling him the house isn’t his and that he was hiding in the house that Michael and Franklin just took down. Michael didn’t buy his bluff at first, but things turned for the worst after a few men chased them down, fired shots at them, and then proceeded to follow them to his house.

It turns out the owner of the house Michael and Franklin just pulled down was none other than Martin Madrazo – head of a Mexican-American drug cartel. Now Michael has to find a way to pay Madrazo for the damages he has caused to his house.

Marriage Counseling Gold Medal Objectives

  • Not a Scratch: Complete with minimal damage to the Bison.
  • Time: Complete within 05:30.
    • Skip all the cutscenes to save time.
  • Drive-by Killer: Kill 3 enemies while in a vehicle.
    • As soon as Martin Madrazo’s men arrive. Stop the truck and shoot them from inside the truck.

Marriage Counseling Mission Guide

Get in the truck and chase down the tennis instructor. Remember to avoid crashing too much, or you’ll miss the chance to complete the Not a Scratch Gold Medal objective.

A random RV will hold up Michael and Franklin along the way. Follow the yellow marker on the map to arrive at the target location.

Remember to skip the cutscenes to save time. Get back in the truck as soon as the cutscene ends.

Hold the Accelerate button until the house’s deck collapses.

After the deck is destroyed, make your way back to Michael’s house by following the yellow marker on the map.

Martin Madrazo’s assistant will give Michael a call along the way. Get ready to face Madrazo’s men.

Stop the truck while you shoot Madrazo’s men. This will complete the Drive-by Killer Gold Medal objective.

Make your way back to Michael’s house. Remember to skip the rest of the cutscenes to complete the mission in less than 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

Postponed Retirement

Michael’s antics put him in a $2.5-million debt with Martin Madrazo. To raise enough money and pay off his debt with the Mexican-American drug lord, Michael is forced to postpone his retirement and contact an old friend to do what he does best – steal.

Marriage Counseling’s Gold Medal objectives can easily be completed in a single run. Skipping all the cutscenes will get you the Time objective instantly. Take care of the truck and avoid crashing as much as possible to complete the Not a Scratch objective. Lastly, stay in the truck when Martin Madrazo’s men come chasing after you and shoot them from inside to complete the Drive-by Killer Gold Medal objective.

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