GTA 5: Minor Turbulence Mission Guide (Gold Medal)



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Trevor and Ron intercept a Merryweather weapons shipment for a quick buck.

GTA 5: Minor Turbulence Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Trevor’s unnecessary stint with Martin Madrazo has forced him and Michael into hiding while they figure out the best way to make amends with the Mexican drug lord.

Business never sleeps in Trevor Philips industries, so when Ron gets a whiff of a Merryweather weapons shipment coming their way, he and Trevor immediately spring to action to intercept the cargo plane and take the weapons for themselves.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the Minor Turbulence mission and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

Minor Turbulence Synopsis

Franklin arrives at Michael’s house to meet up with him. When nobody answers the front door, Franklin calls Michael to ask him where he is. Michael tells Franklin he is at Trevor’s place in Blaine County and how he and Trevor need to lay low for a while because of how Trevor handled the job they did for Martin Madrazo.

Meanwhile, Trevor wakes up from his nap and calls for Ron. Trevor asks Ron how business is doing, but Ron does not give Trevor a straight answer. However, Ron tells Trevor about a cache of weapons from Merryweather that is about to pass through the area and suggests he and Trevor requisition the shipment for a huge payday.

Trevor loves the idea and tells Ron to come for the mission. Michael also wants in, but Trevor tells him to stay home, lay low, and watch Patricia instead.

Trevor and Ron make their way to the airstrip, where Ron has a plane ready for use. Ron asks Trevor how he intends to intercept the weapons. Trevor tells him he will not take on a private army on the ground where they have superiority. Instead, Trevor wants to take over the shipment in the air.

Trevor and Ron arrive at the airstrip, but before Trevor leaves, he tells Ron to start calling their buyers from the southern border. Trevor sets off on the Crop Duster and flies towards the Merryweather plane’s location.

Trevor follows the Merryweather plane for a while, opting to stay low to avoid detection. s Trevor clears the military airspace, Ron gives him the go-signal to gain altitude and fly closer to the Merryweather plane.

As soon as Trevor gets close enough, the Merryweather agents on board the plane send Trevor a message telling him to identify himself and state his intentions. Trevor messes with the guy on the radio, saying he’s only enjoying the San Andreas weather or spraying crops. The Merryweather agent does not buy it and orders Trevor to divert his course or get shot down.

The Merryweather agents intend to take Trevor down immediately, so they open up the rear hatch of the airplane and start shooting at Trevor’s Crop Duster. Trevor stays on course and crashes his Crop Duster in the airplane’s open hatch.

Inside the airplane, Trevor deals with all Merryweather agents in his sights and eventually makes his way to the cockpit, killing the pilot and assuming control of the aircraft. revor flies the plane back to McKenzie field but is cut short when military fighter jets force him to land at Fort Zancudo.

Trevor refuses to give in to their demands and even resorts to mocking the fighter jet pilots as they fly alongside him. Then a lengthy negotiation goes nowhere; the fighter jet pilots give Trevor one last warning and inform him that they have gained authorization to take down Trevor’s airplane if he continues to resist.

The fighter jets eventually open fire at Trevor’s plane, aiming for the plane’s left and right-side engines. Trevor loses control of the entire airplane, forcing him to bail out. With a parachute ready, Trevor free falls back to earth, ending the mission.

Minor Turbulence Gold Medal Objectives

  • Accuracy – Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 80%.
  • Four-Wheel Flier – Exit the cargo plane in the Mesa.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can come back another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Minor Turbulence Mission Guide

Get in Trevor’s truck and drive to the airstrip.

Get in the crop duster and fly toward the blue dot on the map.

Fly close to the ground to avoid detection.

Fly along the left side of the military base. The military airspace extends toward the sea. Keep flying along the left side away from the base’s fences.

Keep flying low to avoid detection. Wait for Ron’s signal before you start pulling up and gaining altitude.

Fly towards the Merryweather airplane.

Aim for the rear hatch of the plane. Fly directly towards it.

Once inside, kill all the Merryweather agents. Ensure you do not miss, as you need to complete the mission with an 80% accuracy rating.

Feel free to use Trevor’s special ability when necessary.

Turn the plane around and fly back to McKenzie Field.

Trevor will be forced to bail with his parachute. Before you jump out from the cargo area, get inside the Mesa and drive out of the plane with it. This will complete the Four Wheel Flier Gold Medal objective.

Deploy your parachute whenever you want. Remember to make it to the ground safely.

A Little Windy

With the weapons requisition attempt ending in complete failure, Trevor will have to wait for another chance to intercept valuable Merryweather shipments around Blaine County. Fortunately, he has Michael and Patricia at home to keep him company while Trevor Philips Industries wait for their next score.

Achieving an Accuracy rating of 80% might seem like a tall order, but the small and narrow cargo area makes it very easy to land your shots on those Merryweather agents. Use Trevor’s special ability to slow down time and improve accuracy. Lastly, remember to drive out of the plane using the Mesa, as doing so will complete the Four Wheel Flier Gold Medal objective.

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